Good Morning


I didn’t think I would ever get round to writing anything this morning. Sometimes life can get complicated, especially when you realise that new situations arrive as you get older. No deep explanations, but there are certainly responsibilities that I am now taking over and I can no longer just sit at the computer and celebrate “me” time. “Me” time is getting mixed up with other times, but it can only get better, I hope.

The day looks good, but no more empty promises about going places and doing things. Yesterday I intended to take a wheelie somewhere with the camera, but that was nothing. It was too hot and quite honestly I did not know where to go. I wanted to go into town, but again my midday sleep was too long so I had to cut things short. It really seems I have nothing else in my life except for blogs and computers, but I do have other interests and since being mobile again with my wheelchair I realise how important it is for me to get out, especially if I can combine it with photography. I know, but we all have to have our interests, at least I do.

Since having my new app with the night sky, I now study what is going on above my head in the sky and there is more than I thought. I also have to deal with the daily housewife chores and go shopping. Of course I could organise online delivery of the goods, but I still like to have a purpose in my golden oldie years of dealing with stuff myself, as much as possible and having contact with the outside world, no matter how crazy it can get.


So I prepared my breakfast with freshly baked croissants, jam and butter and they arrived. Not that I have a place full of flies, but as soon as sticky sweet food is on the table they make their selves noticeable, not just one, but a few. One was so rude as to sit on the edge of the jam pot. Another found that the computer screen was an ideal landing tarmac. I was glad to be finished with breakfast, cleared it all away, wiped all the jam marked surfaces and as if magic, the flies all disappeared to the outside world.

Back Garden

My lawn is still showing a few dry patches here and there, although it has improved a little. It was the hot dry weather, although we have been watering it twice a day, but the gardener discovered we have an invasion of June bug babies that are munching happily at the roots of the grass. The possibilities of killing them are with poison or another bug that would kill them, but my cat is not happy about that solution and neither am I. I just have to hope they go away to the neighbour’s garden.

Back Garden

Today is week-end shopping, although my son is still away until tomorrow evening when he returns home from Italy with his new brown skin layer from sun, fun and beach. I will also have a visit from No. 2 son and his wife with No. 1 grandchild tomorrow, so am not sure how I will be present here during the day. Next week  things return to as normal as possible, I hope.

Time to go and do some housework, one of the golden oldie pastimes. Hope you all have an exciting lazy day, otherwise make the most of it. See you around.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. ‘Brown is the new GREEN’ is popularly posted on dead lawns. Most who let their lawns die still keep the surrounding landscape looking good, but the lawn is the most consumptive part, and to some, one of the more expendable. (It seems to me that it takes too much to work to let it die.)

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  2. I sometimes wonder if your neighbours share your sense of humour! Sending the bugs and caterpillars to them, they might not appreciate your gesture of sharedom as an overly friendly one 😉 😉


  3. Looks like a busy weekend for you and Mr. Swiss! I hate hot weather because I get drenched in sweat so staying in doors is a good idea. Take care! By the way, your garden looks good despite the patches on the lawn (love the owl!)

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    • The hot weather is now going and it looks like we will be drenched with rain for the next couple of days. I am a great collector of ornaments for my garden, some say I should stop because I am running out of space.

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  4. It sounds as if Europe is experiencing a hot summer so mid afternoon wheelies are probably not a good idea until it cools down. I have been having my shopping delivered for a few years now, no choice for me as without a car I can’t bring it home. Delivery is handy if you only need them to come once a week but waiting in two or three times a week for delivery would mess up routines nearly as much as going out I suppose.


    • It has been a good summer for the farmers and for nature generally. I see the results in my garden. Last year was a lost summer due to the builders invasion on our estate. Having stuff delivered from the stores here costs an extra charge and it is not cheap. Some items can only be ordered in bulk and with veg, meat and fruit you don’t know what you are getting. We live only 5 minutes by car from the big supermarket so it is no problem. Only in the snowy and icy days of Winter we consider ordering online.

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  5. Our one decent lawn area died last winter when they kid with the plow killed it. It’s green, but there’s no grass there, just weeds. In the spring it looks pretty with dandelions and violets, but after that, it’s just green. And you know? I realize I don’t care enough to fight with it. I’m also too tired.

    Garry’s surgery went well and he is home, but I’m exhausted. This was one of those days I truly yearned for a chair because everyplace was a quarter of a mile of hiking through hallways and up or down elevators.

    Life is very much in the way of blogging right now. I am SO glad I wrote some stuff and set it up in advance on the schedule. I am too tired to even think about writing anything, but I did want to say hello! Miss you!

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    • I am glad the surgery went OK. It is always a worry with operations. I can imagine how worn out you must be with the worry and the stress. I was looking to see if you had posted an update.

      I just sit down and write when a challenge arrives. We have a time lapse of about 7 hours to your side of the pond and I never know in advance what the subject will be.

      Today No.2 son is visiting with his family so I will not be around very much. No. 1 son will be back from his 2 week holiday in Italy, so this evening it will be a washing marathon.

      Our weather has now changed and temperatures have dropped. Yesterday it was thunder and lightening.


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