A Photo a Week Challenge: From Above

Weissenstein 23.08 (74)

We live in Switzerland, so we have mountains and every town seems to have a local mountain. In my back yard I have a whole range of mountains, the first chain of the Jura mountains, there are seven chains all together, the last being just before the town of Basel. We live in Kanton Solothurn where the first is. And so last year we decided to visit our local house mountain, the Weissenstein. We had not  been up there for a few years, and it is really only a 15 minute ride by car to the gondola station. It used to be a chair lift, but it was so old there were no spare parts left if something went wrong, so we now have a completely new construction. It is all very modern and we sat comfortably in our cabin and saw the mechanics of the whole thing with a view 1,200 meters below in the background.

Weissenstein 23.08 (10)

As we were ascending we saw the others that were descending.

A Photo a Week: From Above

RDP #49: Welcome


Hello everyone and welcome to my part of the universe. I can see you all, but only those chosen few that study the universe with computer apps and telescopes can see me, although I do not look as smart as I used to. Let me introduce myself, my name is Hubble, remember. They launched me in 1990 and since then, almost 30 years, I have been orbiting the Earth and collecting all sorts of data.  Some of your were probably babies when I went into operation, and some not even born. Now and again I have to avoid a comet or whatever, but somehow they just glide past and I send out a few signals, but they never reply.

It would be great to have someone to talk to now and again. If you want to know more of my life, you will find me here: Hubble Space Telescope

It is a lonely life up here, with just a few planets for company, but they are all dead. The bright moments in my life are when a few humans pay a visit, although usually they have to replace something or even repair it and afterwards I send my signals as usual. Extra terrestrials have not yet appeared, but if they do I will let you know. The earth looks pretty good from up here, although I get some strange signals sometimes that tells me I am perhaps better off orbiting it all instead of being part of it.

So don’t forget me, I am still here and probably will be for the next years, or at least for as long as the sun exists and even he has his time limits.

RDP #49: Welcome

Good Morning


Good morning again, I am back this morning after yesterday’s misery of being cut off from the internet world and all the trimmings. I have a bit of a different timetable this week in any case. Since No. 1 son is away on holiday, we have far too much bread. Mr. Swiss and I are not big bread eaters, just breakfast and tea and more than 1-2 slices for each of us are enough. We have now changed to the bread that you can bake in the oven according to how you want it, so I am spoiling myself with croissants for breakfast. I love them, but there are disadvantages. They are nice and hot from the oven and when you eat them they tend to make flakes everywhere. I will not even begin to tell you about the jam splodges. I just had to spend a few minutes cleaning up the mess on the table, my keyboards and hunting the flies away. Eating by an open window door in the kitchen is not very advisable “Grubs up” says one fly to another and they are already there.

Now I have organised myself and hope for smooth runnings apart from the odd fly that has not yet given up.

Hibiscus 18.07 (3)

This year really seems to be developing into a super year for the garden. I have never seen so many flowers on my hibiscus since it began to grow from a seed. They only flower for a day, but the next day there are just as many to take their place. It also has disadvantages I read this morning in the local newspaper online. It seems that we have a record harvest of fruit and vegetable and the farmers have so much it is no longer worth their while. The prices they get for their harvest are not profitable enough. Of course they should sell it cheaper for the public, but then the farmers are out of pocket. It seems we grow food not to feed the people, but to make sure everyone earns enough money. I dread to think of what will probably be thrown away.

We have a record harvest of cherries in Switzerland. The cherry trees usually suffer from hail storms and weather problems, but this year our cherries are bigger and better than ever.

Baselstrasse 16.07 (1)

Due to heatwave weather yesterday and catching up on stuff I missed on internet, I did not go anywhere or do very much. I decided it was now time to sort my 30,000 photos in my Flickr photo programme. They are organised in various sections, but there are ways and means to find them quicker with tags. Doing it on the iPad is quite easy as I can relax in a chair.


It looks like it will be a good day today. When there a few fluffy clouds around in the morning, we usually get a light breeze to accompany them so I might venture a tour in my wheelchair this afternoon, with camera of course. There is nothing planned otherwise, just taking it easy. I hope you all can also take it easy and enjoy the day as much as possible.