RDP #47: Clouds


Where was I yesterday, I mean I love clouds, I collect them, I take their photos and am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society with badge and number and daily cloud photos and I was definitely not going to miss out on this RDP subject, but I got a new cloud in my collection, one I did not want. I even took its photo as I could hardly believe it.

It happened when I returned from my morning shopping trip and my iPhone and iPad both told me “we have an update”. I did my iPad and that was OK and suddenly I lost the connection on my iPhone and it refused to start again. I was convinced that Apple’s new update was the guilty party, you cannot trust these things. I then checked on the iPad and discovered that WordPress was telling me that Safari could not connect to my iPad. Facebook had a picture and with time the picture changed to the one shade of grey telling me “forget it – no internet connection”. Someone told us our provider company had a problem, but not for two hours? Long story cut short, we contacted them and it sems that an invoice had not been paid.

Big shock we always pay our invoices, computer invoices are holy, special, blessed, and held in reverence, our life depends on it: OK, perhaps I am exaggerating but if you do not pay they cut off your connection  without a threatening word. It was now late enough for their offices to close and we only had a connection to their special emergency number. Pay the invoice? No chance, internet was non-existent on our computers and the only possibility was a journey this morning, when the offices opened, and pay by cash. Luckily they are in the local town, but I still did not have a connection this morning, until the bill was paid. Mr. Swiss dealt with the necessary and around 9.30 we were online again. How it happened and why I do not know, but I do know that it will never ever happen again. And that was yesterday’s cloud.

How did I spend the afternoon without a computer, the evening? I finished reading my Stephen King book “The Outsider” and even began a second book. Thank goodness my Kindle has 4H or whatever that I can upload books if I am going places. I could not even upload a photo and my e-mails were in silencium, as well as the facebook messenger. I was cut off from the world. There are clouds and clouds and the ones below are my favourites. I see them on my wheelies in my chair.

Clouds 04.07 (10)

Yesterday that were looking a little black and threatening.  Just to reassure you I did not break a leg again as a cause of my absence and we are all more or less in one piece, but I will avoid the black clouds of computer doom in the future.

Clouds over Jura 15.04 (5)

RDP #47: Clouds

13 thoughts on “RDP #47: Clouds

    • The whole area where I live once lost its connection through building workers. Someone cut through a cable. What was astonishing for us is that they just switched off our connection and no-one told us. This morning as soon as Mr. Swiss went to their office and brought it all in order, we had an immediate connection again. I prefer the clouds, at least there are no wires running through them.


    • We have two separate accounts, his and mine. This was his, but now ours as I have began to engage myself more. My telephone invoice is paid automatically, but otherwise I do mine myself. It can happen, but shouldn’t, none of us are getting younger.


    • It was an annoyance and my routine was completely upside down. I wanted to squeeze a comment in somewhere but just didn’t have the time. The last time I went missing I broke my leg 🙂


  1. Welcome back! Didn’t notice as I’m passing by ‘only’ sporadically…. We had power cuts by the galore, twice or three times by the community ‘gardeners’ who cut down the jungle on a steep and large and very wild flank of the hill we sit on…. Once the cable just snapped and we were sans fil for 3 weeks!!!! And once the cable hanging across the street from our hill to the mast across cut torn down by a too large vehicle (which wouldn’t have had the right to pass through anyhow). So, plenty to commiserate.
    I instructed one bank to pay the monthly bill by direct debit. We still get the paper statement for control but don’t have to worry any more about forgotten or ‘lost’ payments. We have enough other stuff to worry about and the charges for late payment are usually far higher than the one missed invoice ;(

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    • It really turned my day upside down losing time. If it happens by an accident, you know it will work again eventually, but this seemed so strange and it was our fault


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