RDP #46: Open

Railway 13.07 (2)

In this case the railway barrier at the road exit from our village was opening, although it often closes. The train to Solothurn has a time table of every half an hour in one direction and also in the other direction. This means that the barriers are opened, and closed, four times an hour. This also means that if you want to go somewhere with the car, you should check to see what time, because otherwise you will be subjected to a wait if the train is approaching. Of course Sunday services are only once an hour in each direction.

There used to be no barriers, just an open railway line, but a signal. Three years ago the road was reconstructed, a new surface, and of course new organisation for the train. We now have six new barriers where there were once none and the barrier we had is now closed permanently. That it why it looks so new and perfect. Of course we have the warning lights which begin to flash and a repetitive noisy signal just to be on the safe side. This has the result that when a train is coming the whole village hears it before it arrives.

We now consult the time before leaving to avoid opening and closing barriers, and we rarely actually use the train as a passenger. My wheelchair is much quicker in any case, I have a special side path which avoids opening and closing barriers.

Railway Tracks 08.06 (2)

RDP #46: Open

2 thoughts on “RDP #46: Open

  1. Our railroads are a huge mess. We have lagged very far behind Europe in developing our trains. Our tracks are broken. In many places, you can’t take the train all the way to your destination, but have to get off and take a bus to the next place where the tracks are not broken. NOT having trains is very frustrating because we sure could use them!

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