RDP #46: Open

Railway 13.07 (2)

In this case the railway barrier at the road exit from our village was opening, although it often closes. The train to Solothurn has a time table of every half an hour in one direction and also in the other direction. This means that the barriers are opened, and closed, four times an hour. This also means that if you want to go somewhere with the car, you should check to see what time, because otherwise you will be subjected to a wait if the train is approaching. Of course Sunday services are only once an hour in each direction.

There used to be no barriers, just an open railway line, but a signal. Three years ago the road was reconstructed, a new surface, and of course new organisation for the train. We now have six new barriers where there were once none and the barrier we had is now closed permanently. That it why it looks so new and perfect. Of course we have the warning lights which begin to flash and a repetitive noisy signal just to be on the safe side. This has the result that when a train is coming the whole village hears it before it arrives.

We now consult the time before leaving to avoid opening and closing barriers, and we rarely actually use the train as a passenger. My wheelchair is much quicker in any case, I have a special side path which avoids opening and closing barriers.

Railway Tracks 08.06 (2)

RDP #46: Open

Good Morning


At last a bit of cooler weather. It looks a bit grey, but no rain, just comfortable. As I get older I no longer do such hot weather. In my younger days I was a sun worshipper, could not get enough: probably as compensation for growing up in London where you only saw the sun now and again peeping through the concrete buildings. Now it does not interest me so much, I am outside most of the time, on the porch and always have a window open somewhere. I like to have fresh air.

The hot weather has also kept me at home. I do not have the energy to go anywhere at the moment. Even my animals that I like to take photos of are hiding from the sun, although the chickens are always out and about.

Chickens 13.07 (4)

but they are not as active as they were. Even laying eggs can make you tired.

It’s Monday again and another week begins, so what shall we do today. This morning we will go shopping, although our requirements are down to a minimum since there are only two of us. I did not realize that No. 1 son makes such a difference in food. I am now reprogramming our meals as we are not eating so much, but you cannot live on ham and eggs every day.  I do not really feel like cooking so much, although living from the micro wave is also not my idea of food fun.

Cannabis 15.07 (1)

Look what is still growing in my garden. My gardener pointed it out a month ago and said it was probably from bird seed. It is cannabis, hemp, for those that are not acquainted with it and really, honestly, it just arrived with no other intentions. There are the male and female types, but only the females are interesting to those that might like a smoke now and again. As a non smoker, that does not really interest me. Originally I thought it was a male plant, but in the last week it seems to have grown taller and stronger. When flowers or seeds appear, then it will be a female. It is only a smaller version, but does seem to be growing.

That seems to be the excitement of the day, and so we will prepare ourselves for the great shopping excursion, still debating what we are going to eat. In the meanwhile the sun has decided to arrive, but temperatures are still within reason. I hope your day will have a little more excitement than mine. The church bells are ringing in our village, but no idea why. Perhaps I missed something.

Canna 15.07.2018