Good Morning

Storm Clouds

Not a tornado, we do not have them in Switzerland, but a gathering of storm clouds yesterday evening as the night was falling on us. It was nothing really special, although if we had known what the weather was planning, we would not have bothered to water the garden, but we did. During the night I heard a few apologies for thunder and it rained most of the time. I did not really mind, I was safe and comfortable in my bed.

So now is the problem what to tell you all. I spent a quiet golden oldie day at home yesterday: had no interest in going anywhere, I was just too tired and wanted to spend some time with my computer

However thanks to the visit of son No. 2 last week I now have a few more interesting apps on my telephone. His interests are many, and some he shares with me. I know there is an app for flights, as a matter of fact if we saw everything that was flying above our heads in the sky we would ask if there was still room. Now I have an app called Flightradar 24 and it shows me every plane and helicopter that is circling over my head during the day, even gliders.,6.26/9  Check out this Screenshot from Flightradar24. The app that turns your phone into an air traffic radar.

We are the blue dot in the top right corner marking Solothurn. If I click on a plan I get a photo from the plane type, from where it is coming, where it is going to and the times of departure and landing at the airports. Not only official flights, but also helicopters and private jets, as well as gliders, are on the map. It covers the whole world and now I realise what a small world it is. Every time I now hear a plane above I do not  have to see it, probably too high in the sky. At the moment Münich-Santiago is flying above and a plane from Frankfurt is heading to land at Geneva. There is also a flight from the Swiss Flying Club, a small Aquilla A210 heading for Zürich.

I also have a Skyview app for the night sky and its objects, but will save that one for another time. I even paid two Swiss Francs for a special addition of satellites, so thanks son.

Today we were going out for lunch, but have now decided to take it easy at home. We are not eating so much at the moment and I have enough in the fridge to stop us starving until tomorrow.  I think this is the laziest day I have had for a long while. I did not stop hugging my bed until 8.30 this morning, and that only because I had to visit a certain place.


My buddleia has, in the meanwhile, unfolded her flowers and many. Last year it got a little lost in the building site we had. I will now crawl around the apartment with my Dyson and spend the time doing what I want to do, the privilege of the golden oldie groupies. I do not think I will be going anywhere today, but who knows. My wheelchair is fully loaded and ready to take me places.

Have a great Sunday everyone and if you do not feel like it, then do not do it. There is always tomorrow or the day after.

Duck 13.07.2018

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We don’t get tornados either, but we’ve gotten a few in recent years. The weather really IS changing. Whoever heard of a tornado in the Blackstone Valley? It wasn’t very big but even a little one can pull the roof off your house. They roar. Quite a unique sound. You can see mini versions of them over the ocean. Waterspouts. They are usually tiny, but oh what they can do to your boat.

    It was supposed to rain yesterday, but it just got cloudy. No rain. Supposedly it WILL rain tonight and possibly tomorrow, too … but we live in a funny little bubble where the weather isn’t like it is supposed to be. Something about the configuration of water and land, but major storms just bob right around us, though sometimes we get a storm that no one even heard about. It just drops a ton of snow or rain on us and moves on. Probably our payback for missing “the really big one.”

    It’s Sunday and not much going on. Owen was going to mow the lawn, but it’s awfully hot, so maybe he won’t. This is the first day in a while I’ve gotten up, checked outside and turned on the air-conditioner. It’s hot and humid. A good day to enjoy the view from the windows!

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    • We have heat wave weather in the morning, some time in the afternoon the sun disappears and then we get some rain. Actually ideal weather in a way, but I do not go anywhere in the morning and if we have rain in the afternoon I cannot go anywhere. Actually I am quite satisfied on the porch with my computer
      We also have a lazy Sunday I think this must have been the first time in a long while that I was in bed until 8,30. I took my time this morning, we had a nice quick lunch at home, ham and eggs and some baked tomatoes and have an easy evening meal. I am just enjoying my time on the computer at the moment.


  2. How cool that you can see where the planes above are coming from and going too. I happen to live near the airports for San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, as well as a whole bunch of regional airports. It is amazing that airplanes do not bump into each other there. One of the main gripes by people who moved into my neighborhood is the air traffic above. They move into a region with millions of other people who also moved here from somewhere else, and then complain about the activity of those millions of other people. (I am a native. I should be complaining!)

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    • You live in a wonderful place I think. Switzerland is such a small country, so there is always an airport near. We have a smaller airport near us, Grenchen, and there are often smaller private planes landing there as well as glider traffic. The runway is not very big, but on flight day occasions they have had a jet landing there as an exception.

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