RDP #43: Superstition


“Are you ready?”

“I am not going anywhere.”

“But it’s Friday and we are going together to get the week-end shopping.”

“No way, there is a ladder in front of the door.”

“What has that got to do with a shopping trip.”

“Do you really expect me to walk under that ladder, and it’s Friday the thirteenth.”

“What does that have to do with a shopping trip?”

“Anything could happen. Walking under a ladder is double trouble on the 13th and look, Mrs. Mord’s black cat is walking along the path, our path. You can go on the shopping trip on your own.”

“Are you telling me that you are superstitious?”

“Of course not, but you can never be too careful.”

“I haven’t got time to wait, I want to get the shopping done, so I will go on my own. Goodbye.”

“Wait a minute I wanted to tell you something before you go. The delivery van arrived this morning with that mirror we ordered and I told them to leave it in the hall. Oh dear, I think he walked into  the mirror by the noise I heard. That means 7 years bad luck. George are you OK?”

The funeral took place a week later. Such a stupid accident that a piece of the mirror got itself embedded in George’s neck.

RDP #43: Superstition

Good Morning

Good Morning

It is one of those take-it-easy mornings today. Just a computer and breakfast and a peak outside through the window. The sun is shining, the crows are crowing and somewhere in the distance I can hear some sort of agricultural machinery, or perhaps just a lawn mower. With No. 1 son being away on holiday in Italy for two weeks, it is just the two of us and I have now realised I/we must radically change our daily routine. Just feeding us both does not need so much. I have now cleared out the fridge and decided that we should eat what is still eatable before the best before dates slips into history. Even when I cook lunch I have halved the amounts and still have too much. I like leftover spaghetti, but once is enough. You cannot recook it indefinitely.

Today is week-end shopping day, but I am not even making a list. We decided to eat in the supermarket restaurant today. The weather is good and they have tables outside to sit when eating. The food is not exclusive, but something like mum would make and it suits us, even if it is only “Schnipo” which is a Swiss abbreviation for Schnitzel and chips (Pommes Frites). Afterwards we come home and take a coffee and a golden oldie rest, without having to clear up the kitchen.


I even have orchids and roses on my porch, so what could be better. The orchids were a special supermarket offer and I have had the roses for at least a month. I think every household in our area has orchids at the moment. I chose the white ones, but they had them in all colours. Actually I got them for inside in the living room, but as it is the Swiss idea to close all curtains and blinds during the day, due to the sunny weather. I decided to put them outside where they will get some light and air.

Canna and Calla

My canna and calla are also now flowering in their pots outside.  I remember last year when we were under siege from the builders and scaffolding and all plants were moved to a corner somewhere. I am sure my garden has feelings, because I got fewer flowers last year and some even refused. The surprise was my hose chestnut tree in a pot which for the first time since its 10 year life of growing from a chestnut, had one flower. This year there were no flowers, so it must have been a fluke of nature. It made a flower and saw that we were being rebuilt and decided no way again.

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from No. 2 son in the evening with an armful of ice cream cornets. Every time he plays a surprise visit he raids our ice cream supply and decided to compensate with replenishments . you have to love them.  We spent a plesant evening out on the porch talking about this and that and he will be visiting again with the grandson and heir to the family name, who will be 1 year old in two months. Time goes quickly.


I did not go anywhere yesterday, spent too long in bed after lunch, but today I must go somewhere with my camera. I am having withdrawal symptoms. I was just thinking how life changes with the years. Here I am sitting at a computer, a mobile phone sending me signals from the outside world on the table and writing a blog. My mum and dad are no more, I am now the mum and dad is making himself a coffee. England, my home country, is no more for me, just a few letters from family and friends and I am Swiss, my future descendants will also be Swiss.: and my phlox is flowering in the garden (see photo). And I am taking digital photos of everything.

So before I get lost in thoughts, I will play with the vacuum cleaner and mop. I have time and we have also decided that Sunday lunch will be in a restaurant, the shopping list is getting smaller.

I hope you will all be having a great and relaxing week-end, see you around.

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