Good Morning

It is still morning, but later than usual: not that I hugged the bed longer and decided to enjoy sleep, the complete opposite. It is the day of fresh bed linen and usually I take care of my new duvet and cushion covers and Mr. Swiss looks after his. However, with the advancing of golden oldie aging process, Mr. Swiss and his back need help, so me and my balancing problems was determined to help, something like the blind leading the blind.

I recovered both duvets and cushions and  cleaned beneath the bedstead and did the necessary dusting. Even turned the mattresses, but then I was at my limit. I did try to wedge the fitted sheet onto the mattress but luckily Mr. Swiss was there to help. We managed it, the beds are ready and we can relax.

Back Garden New Lawn piece

I had now had my breakfast and fired up the computer so am ready to go. Yesterday afternoon I was at home with no excurions into the unknown. I was outside on the porch and Mr. Swiss also, who was reading. Suddenly there was a long ring at the door. I knew it was not the postman because he always rings twice and it was something completely different. It was one of our gardeners. We had a loose appointment that he would come past one day with some new lawn pieces to replenish the parts that were no longer growing so well. In the meanwhile the heat wave arrived and we have quite a bit of brown where there used to be the green, green grass of home.

The gardener had brought some newly grown lawn pieces to embed in the worst places, as can be seen above in the photo. However whilst he was doing the work, he said it is not only the heat that is causing the damage.

Cockchafer grub

It seems that the grass roots had been subject to an invasion of cockchafer which seems to be the name of them. We know them as “Engerling” and are the babies of the May or June beetle. We no longer see so many May beetles, they usually fly every four years in swarms. However, the June beetles fly every year in our area, although they also stay below for a couple of years first to develop. The chafers are the babies and just eat all day long, and decided to attack our lawn. They are still quite small, can grow to double the size until they fly. Afterwards they have one big sex orgy in the trees and lay their eggs in the ground and die – what a life/death. I can only imagine that when the mums and dads see what their kids look like they have a death wish, at least I do. Unfortunately there is not very much you can do with this hidden underground terrorist and I do not want poison being sprayed because of my cat Tabby. There is something called nematodes, little insects that infiltrate the chafer bodies, but it does not always work. Anyhow one of the gardener experts will be calling us to see what they can do.

The gardener was quite surprised when I told him to put the baby on the ground for a photo, but Mr. Swiss reassured him it was one of the ticks I have with the camera taking photos of everything.  After the photo was taken, the chafer recovered and began to crawl his way back to the lawn and they can really pick up speed with there six little legs and wormy body.

Cockchafer Grub

My reaction was “yuck” as I picked it up in paper and threw it into the bin with the earth remains the gardener had disposed of.


I was pleasantly surprised that my gardener remember the hostas I had ordered on his last visit. They were removed when the builders arrived last year and replanted in another part of the garden, but I was left with an empty bare plot of earth. He said as soon as they grow he will bring me some and now I have three new plants filling the space. The good thing is that they are the same type as I already have in this bed, so what could be better.

And now I should make up for lost time with bed making and blog writing. Today is a day of rest, meaning that I will probably go for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon. Have a good day full of everything you wish for and if not, make the most of it. One of the village gardens has red cone flowers, so I made the most of a photo. I have only ever seen them in pink.

Echinacea 10.07 (2)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I do not remember who told me — maybe it was our “bug guy” … but the combined weight of all the insects on this planet is like a thousand times more than ALL the other life (including cats and dogs and humans) on this planet. Combined. It’s not our imagination. There are an awful lot of insects surrounding and invading us.

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    • The insects as such do not bother me as much as the big political insects that appear from time to time – no names mentioned. The life span of an insect is not as long as other creatures.


  2. We have friends living in Valais and they sent me photos of their ex-lawns in June – I’ve NEVER in my life seen anything like that – it looked like the desert we visited – brown, bare, not a grass blade in sight. It was the same Engerlings as yours…. but 1000 times worse. They are both very good gardeners but they were crying buckets with the frustration and the impossibility of doing anything about it!

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    • There is not very much you can do. At the moment our Engerlingen are quite small, because they are from this year, but if they carry one munching their way through the roots, they will get big and strong. One day they will fly in swarms and lay their eggs for the next generation. When Mr. Swiss was a kid he had to go collecting Maikäfer for the local authorities at school so that they could kill them. The Maikäfer are no longer so many, but we know have the brow Junikäfer and they have their flying sessions in June every evening.

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  3. Oh, those grubs are wicked! I have not seen one in a very long time, but I know that they are a problem in the New England region, and probably the entire eastern part of North America this year.

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