Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fountains

Fountain 08.07 (5)

Our town is full of big fountains, 11 altogether, because the say 11 is the magic number of Solothurn. We also have a few other smaller fountains, more as decoration. This one is in the museum park.

Fountain 08.07 (1)

This fountain is also in a local park, one of the favourite doggy showers.

Water 07.07.2018

And this was seen in a walk through the local cemetery. They usually switch them off througout the Winter because of danger of freezing.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Fountains

RDP #42: Groove

Werkhofstrasse Solothurn, Road Repairs 22.07 (4)

“It is summer men, so time to groove again” and they begin to groove. I am sure this is the sentence uttered by the boss of the street repair men as soon as the temperatures are rising and the tourists are flocking into Switzerland. If there is a road that has not been repaired or resurfaced since last year, then it would be worth doing of course, perhaps even doing it again.

The photo was taken this week, on Monday, as we were on our way to the supermarket. Nothing completely different, because it is summer and time to groove. The machines were in place and the men, dressed in their groovy orange overalls, had already taken the first steps of redirecting the traffic. What will they be doing is the great question? I am sure I will have time to discover it all with my camera during the shopping trips of the next two months.

It was only last year in almost the same place, that they were doing the same thing.

Road to Langendorf 11.08 (11)

They dug their holes, measured everything and note the precision of the man on the left as he was measuring the depth of the hole. This all took place on the Werkhofstrasse in Solothurn and now they are back. It seems our road repair teams have buried something important and must now re-open the road to see if they can find it again. Or perhaps it is really just a new road surface. The last surface has now been wheeled over for a year and does not look as nice as it was.

I feel sorry for the tourists wanting to explore the beautiful scenery that Switzerland has to offer, especially in Summer: our mountains (with detours everywhere due to road repairs), our lakes (where entry is prohibited due to road works) and of course our famous cows (only to be seen during the night because they are in the way of the builders during the day). On the other hand the tourists have a lot of time to marvel the mountain peaks, from afar of course. They are stuck in traffic jams for hours on end until the next three or four road repair traffic lights change to green.

Of course they can always listen to some groove music while they are waiting.

By the way this piece of Alphorn music is the “Moos-Ruef” written by a good friend of ours and super Alphorn player, Hans-Jürg Sommer.

RDP #42: Groove