RDP Bonus: Hooyah

Goat 10.07 (14)

“Ready Grant?”

“Of course Gustav, I am no coward.”

“You know the chickens will be watching our every move.”

“Who cares, we are goats, and have no fear. We must have horns for some reason.”

“We do, you know getting the lady’s interested and all that.”

“But there ain’t no ladies here.”

“Shame it is, the farmer said he doesn’t want on that hanky panky in the middle of the chicken run, the rooster might get jealous and two roosters are not the idea, too many eggs breaking and all that.”

“I want a girl Gustav, what is the point of having horns, when you cannot show off with them.”

“We can practice, you know “Hooyah and all that.”

“Hooyah? What’s that?”

“The new war cry. The human was watching the TV and there were humans kicking balls around, every time one arrived in a big net, he shouted something like “Hooyh”, so it must have a meaning.”

“We don’t kick balls around, just hens and they disappear as soon as the see us coming.”

“So enough talk, it’s time to get down to it.”

“Are you going first, or shall I`”

“What is that for a question? We are goats and we both go together. You cannot do a Hooyah on your own.”

“Is the rooster watching. I feel silly when I have a spectator.”

“No he isn’t, said something about fertilising eggs.”

“He is making a lot of noise.”

“That is a rooster Hooyah. Enough of the talk, heads down and let’s do it.”


Goat 10.07 (9)

RDP Bonus: Hooyah

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