RDP #40: Dappled

Time to cook again but it looks like I will have to construct my own recipe.

Dappled Prompt Stew

100 grammes  sun – no make that a kilo
2 Kilo Clouds for the shady look
A river or a lake – makes no big difference, just as long as it is water
Mix it all up with a camera and stand on one side
You do not want to give it an overpowering taste of your shadow
Make sure that it will not begin to rain, as that will be dapple murder
Trees can also be used for spice, but do not overdo it, you might have more spice then dapple
And then we have the result, to be taken in small doses
Too much dapple can spoil the soup
And voilà. the meal is finished with a highlight of reflection for perfection.

Water Reflections 25.06 (1)

For a desert to calm the senses we would recommend a pond in the cemetery

Solothurn Cemetery 19.06.2018

but definitely not the river. It could cause indigestion, especially if too many empty bottles of dapple were included.

River Aare 23.06 (12)

RDP #40: Dappled

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