Good Morning

Evening sunset

Although we do have clouds this morning with a background of blue sky, yesterday evening was an interesting sunset with a red tinge to it and even an aircraft was winging its way in the distance. It was a pleasant day yesterday. At first it looked like one of the hot ones, but it cooled down a little and remained pleasant. I decided on a day at home. It was Monday and I decided to have a lazy one. Actually both of us were not top quality. Mr. Swiss had his usual back problems and I just felt tired.

I remember talking to my specialist neurologist last week that I never imagined that growing old would have such problems. Of course my mum and dad always had this and that, and when dad got to the platinum age accompanied by his walker everywhere I realized the shape of things to come. I am accident prone, broke an arm twice, a leg once and in between have MS, but it all leaves you a little bit frayed at the edges. I always had the feeling old people are just old and things are not what they used to be, but how they are not what they used to be really is an awakening.

Anyhow enough complaining, I managed to get out of bed this morning and do my usual thing. Today is cleaning lady day, she has just arrived and is now busy in the bathroom. I never thought I would ever employ someone to clean away my mess, although not really a mess, just not as it was. She does a super job and I am glad. It was Mr. Swiss that put his foot down as he realized if I could no longer do it as I used to, he definitely could not.


It looks like it is becoming a rose summer this year. I thought this bush in my garden had finished with its flowers a month ago, but it is ready for a second round it seems.


My cone flower has also thrown up a second flower which opened this morning, so it can only get better.


There is just one disadvantage to the summer, the flies have returned. At last they can do what they are meant to do, annoy the human race. This one could not decide which key to stay on. They seem to be getting more intelligent. At least it breaks up the monotony for a photo shoot when I sit outside on the porch.

I am still thinking about an excursion today. It is not too hot and I tend to get cabin fever if I stay at home. We just got a telephone call from the village factotum that he will be calling past to make the alterations to our apartment door after a stone got wedged underneath on Saturday evening and it was jammed. He has now just arrived and as Mr. Swiss is going to town I will be left alone with him and the cleaning lady. It is becoming an exciting day.


The door has now been removed, quite a heavy door, and he is now boring and making noise.

And now to go and clean some windows, that I do not suffer from boredom. Relax and enjoy life, it can only get better I say. I will leave you with my hibiscus which is also now flowering regularly.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Those types of hibiscus never seem to do well in (most of) California. Those in Los Angeles look just as pale as those here. The only place that I see them look as good as they do in Europe is in the Sierra Nevada. I have never been able to figure it out. The tropical hibiscus that grow in Southern California are unpopular here because they get damaged by the frost.

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        • They do better in with a bit of chill in winter. They are Hibiscus syriacus, which are known as the rose of Sharon. They are popular here because the tropical hibiscus do not do well with frost, but the flowers are not as big, and the foliage is deciduous and not as lush.
          Alyogyne huegelii is the blue hibiscus, (which is different from the Rose of Sharon), but it does not tolerate frost well.

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