12 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 10.07.2018 French Lavender

  1. Snap! I was going to post my French lavender as Flower of the Day too, but I’ll hold back on this one and find something else. The trouble is, the other flower I like in my garden is my “haven’t a clue what it’s called” one, having been given to me by a friend. Lavender is always nice, yours looks very healthy. I have two of these with a white lavender in between. I pick some to have in my car, it’s wonderful how it scents the vehicle even just overnight.

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    • My photo is from the store, so they always have the best plants on display. It would be a good idea for nameless flower, we can all help to identify it.


  2. Here, it is known as Spanish lavender, Lavandula stoechas, but it could be French lavender there. We know Lavandula dentata as French lavender. Many of the Spanish specie are also native to France, just as many of the French specie are also native to Spain. When I featured Austrian black pine, I was surprised to learn that only a few colonies are actually native to Austria. There were probably more when Austria occupied more space.

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