The Alpine Chough

Alpine Chough 06.07 (11)

A couple of days ago in one of my Good Morning blogs, I sent out a call for help. There was a very big unusual bird perched at the top of a local tree. He was cooing like a dove, although obviously not a dove. I have now done an enlargement of an original photo. I also put out a call of help in Facebook and now have an answer from Germany.

He confirmed what I suspected, but just could not believe that this big bird would come down from his mountain heights to sit on a tree in a Swiss village at 500 meters above sea level, but it did. I know it as the Alpendohle in the German language and is a bird that you might meet if you are on a skiing holiday in Alps. They are known to descend to the valleys in Summer and are basically interested in only one thing, food. It is still hanging around and I hear it often in the morning having a coo to anyone that might be listening. It also whistles.

For me this is really something completely different. For more information here is a link from the bird central station in Switzerland Alpine Chough. And yes I have seen them in the alps. Sounds silly really, but I really got excited about seeing this big bird. I hope to get a photo of it flying.


8 thoughts on “The Alpine Chough

  1. I think that’s cool. I love seeing new birds and finding out what strange things they do. Only in winter do the great horned owls come to the neighborhood looking for food. The rest of the year they are out in the wilderness. It’s great.

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    • I suspected it could be something like this, but you really do not see them so much in the lower country. They nest in caves and cliffs in very high altitudes. They are also known to be very true to their partners: a relationship of 8 years is not unusual.

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  2. Maybe he is expanding his range. I remember when American Eagles showed up on Martha’s Vineyard. It was a really big deal because they had never lived there before. Then when they built a nest in my backyard, that was a real thrill. Now, you can find them almost everywhere in New England … and they were virtually extinct 30 years ago.

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    • It is only one bird and they do fly down to the lowlands now and again in Summer. They are members of the crow family so perhaps he was making a family visit. We have a cow colony where I live.


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