RDP #39: Dart


The flies are darting around again
I wish they would go and fall down a drain
They are everywhere and even more
I am sure they want to wage a war
No matter what, if food arrives
They already sit on the forks and knives
This morning for breakfast it was bread and jam
I waved the fly swatter and told them to scram
They escaped of course and flew away,
but as I drank my tea they returned to stay
After dinner I decided to go to bed
And then two flies flew around my head
I draw the line when I want to sleep
Their buzzing really makes me weep
But I was ready and knew their ruse
and waited patiently whilst having a snoooze
I was still in bed, my temper was hotter
But under the sheet I had the fly swatter
And now two flies are dead on the floor
I killed them both, they are soft at the core
I know more will come, they are ready to start
but I am prepared, next time with a dart.

RDP #39: Dart

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