Good Morning

Clouds 08.07 (2)

Begin your day with a cloud I say. Actually we have none at the moment, just blue skies, but these gathered yesterday afternoon and I was glad. We have this summer heat thing at the moment when certain people who are not to be mentioned, decide some time during the morning that the blinds should be closed, windows closed and a general atmosphere of suffocation is to prevail, because otherwise the apartment will become a hot house. There are some people, like me, that enjoy open windows and fresh air and light. Luckily yesterday afternoon the clouds arrived so I won again.

Solothurn 08.07 (24)

I went for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon towards our local town of Solothurn. I had been intending to try the slopes that lead to the underground tunnel to cross the road to see if they are wheelchair comfortable.  They are and I managed to get to my target, the museum gardens with their statues,: as usual our cathedral was dominating the general picture.

Solothurn 08.07 (19)

Our local war memorial is also situated in this park, for WWI 1914-18. You will search in vain for a second memorial to the 1939-1945 2nd World War because there isn’t one. Perhaps it is just as well as I never really appreciated the one we have. A naked guy sitting with a sword in the right place to protect his decency is not my idea of a great monument, but Mr. Swiss said as a schoolboy they often visited it in the history lessons,

Otherwise we decided yesterday to be more careful of what food we buy, because we have far too much. When No, 1 son is at home he is our food processor, and there is rarely anything left anywhere. He is now away on holiday and we have too many food remains,  which we do not manage.


Otherwise I noticed that our porch table outside is getting far too crowded. It began with a little basket for Mr. Swiss various bits and pieces, my rose and a fruit bowl. Since then one of my indoor plants has joined, because I gave it too much water and it became a gnat breeding ground. The gnats have now disappeared and in the meanwhile I realised that our grapes and small tomatoes were the ideal place for future generations of fruit flies, so they are also now outside on the table. In the meanwhile the local supermarket had orchids for 5 Swiss francs each. Every housewife had one in her hands or basket when she left the shop so I had to get one as well. I realized that due to having darkness in the apartment now and again because of those that do not like sunlight I had to move my orchid outside so that it saw some light.  Now we hardly have room for meals outside. I will have to revise the situation.

In the meanwhile today is a shopping day, and otherwise who knows. I might decide to go somewhere. Enjoy the day and have fun.

This is the flower bed planted next to our war memorial, which does brighten it up a little.

Solothurn 08.07 (21)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

      • . . . and this statue of an Army guy with one sharp blade and a helmet – and nothing else – was designed by people of the same culture that invented the Swiss Army Knife . . . which includes a dozen or so tiny tools for when you just need one sharp blade? hmmm

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        • The Swiss Army Knife is part of the Swiss soldier’s equipment. My No. 2 Son served his three weeks a year Swiss Army Service for 10 years and the Knife was always there. He actually had two, because there was always a weekly inspection, so he kept one of them clean and ready so that he did not have to clean it for the inspection. I just asked Mr. Swiss if he has a Swiss Army Knife “Of course” he said, “about 3 or 4”. You see the perfect Swiss family.

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  1. I know my husband had the medically difficult day, but I’ve got a headache and it’s not even 7 yet, but I’m ready for bed. Whatever they asked Garry he said, “No” and I was thinking how complicated all of those questions would have been for me. Good that ONE of us is healthy. I just wanted to say hi, but I don’t feel up to doing anything, even reading. I can’t possibly be sick, can I?

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    • I have those days in between. Sometimes I can build houses and other times feel too tired. Yesterday after the evening meal I had to lay down on the bed for some time and even fell asleep. I felt so exhausted. Mr. Swiss limps around with his back problems which is not operable with success especially at his age and my walk gets more exotic every day, but we carry on regardless


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