7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 09.07.2018 Daisies

  1. I had real daisies like those for a while, but like everything else, these past three winters killed them off. I also had something that looks almost exactly the same called “cosmos” — but they died too. We DO have natural wild black-eyed-Susans which grow all over the fields in August. I have to go find some and trap them for my garden. I need some late blooming flowers. We also have bunches of tiny little aster that looks like itty bitty miniatures of your daisies. Each is the size of your pinkie’s fingertip and they are completely wild, as far as I know.

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    • I also had the very big daisies once, many, that I grew from seed and that came every year, but that was some time ago. I also had cosmos, they would reseed every year, but one year they disapppeared, I should perhaps plant them again. But I really must try with the wild lillies. I have a nice empty space where they would suit.


  2. They are pretty special to those of us who like them. When we were kids there was a variety of the same specie with bigger flowers. My colleague down south and I have been wanting to find it for years. It was the daisy that the hippies wore in their hair when they went to San Francisco.

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