The Alpine Chough

Alpine Chough 06.07 (11)

A couple of days ago in one of my Good Morning blogs, I sent out a call for help. There was a very big unusual bird perched at the top of a local tree. He was cooing like a dove, although obviously not a dove. I have now done an enlargement of an original photo. I also put out a call of help in Facebook and now have an answer from Germany.

He confirmed what I suspected, but just could not believe that this big bird would come down from his mountain heights to sit on a tree in a Swiss village at 500 meters above sea level, but it did. I know it as the Alpendohle in the German language and is a bird that you might meet if you are on a skiing holiday in Alps. They are known to descend to the valleys in Summer and are basically interested in only one thing, food. It is still hanging around and I hear it often in the morning having a coo to anyone that might be listening. It also whistles.

For me this is really something completely different. For more information here is a link from the bird central station in Switzerland Alpine Chough. And yes I have seen them in the alps. Sounds silly really, but I really got excited about seeing this big bird. I hope to get a photo of it flying.


RDP #39: Dart


The flies are darting around again
I wish they would go and fall down a drain
They are everywhere and even more
I am sure they want to wage a war
No matter what, if food arrives
They already sit on the forks and knives
This morning for breakfast it was bread and jam
I waved the fly swatter and told them to scram
They escaped of course and flew away,
but as I drank my tea they returned to stay
After dinner I decided to go to bed
And then two flies flew around my head
I draw the line when I want to sleep
Their buzzing really makes me weep
But I was ready and knew their ruse
and waited patiently whilst having a snoooze
I was still in bed, my temper was hotter
But under the sheet I had the fly swatter
And now two flies are dead on the floor
I killed them both, they are soft at the core
I know more will come, they are ready to start
but I am prepared, next time with a dart.

RDP #39: Dart

Good Morning

Clouds 08.07 (2)

Begin your day with a cloud I say. Actually we have none at the moment, just blue skies, but these gathered yesterday afternoon and I was glad. We have this summer heat thing at the moment when certain people who are not to be mentioned, decide some time during the morning that the blinds should be closed, windows closed and a general atmosphere of suffocation is to prevail, because otherwise the apartment will become a hot house. There are some people, like me, that enjoy open windows and fresh air and light. Luckily yesterday afternoon the clouds arrived so I won again.

Solothurn 08.07 (24)

I went for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon towards our local town of Solothurn. I had been intending to try the slopes that lead to the underground tunnel to cross the road to see if they are wheelchair comfortable.  They are and I managed to get to my target, the museum gardens with their statues,: as usual our cathedral was dominating the general picture.

Solothurn 08.07 (19)

Our local war memorial is also situated in this park, for WWI 1914-18. You will search in vain for a second memorial to the 1939-1945 2nd World War because there isn’t one. Perhaps it is just as well as I never really appreciated the one we have. A naked guy sitting with a sword in the right place to protect his decency is not my idea of a great monument, but Mr. Swiss said as a schoolboy they often visited it in the history lessons,

Otherwise we decided yesterday to be more careful of what food we buy, because we have far too much. When No, 1 son is at home he is our food processor, and there is rarely anything left anywhere. He is now away on holiday and we have too many food remains,  which we do not manage.


Otherwise I noticed that our porch table outside is getting far too crowded. It began with a little basket for Mr. Swiss various bits and pieces, my rose and a fruit bowl. Since then one of my indoor plants has joined, because I gave it too much water and it became a gnat breeding ground. The gnats have now disappeared and in the meanwhile I realised that our grapes and small tomatoes were the ideal place for future generations of fruit flies, so they are also now outside on the table. In the meanwhile the local supermarket had orchids for 5 Swiss francs each. Every housewife had one in her hands or basket when she left the shop so I had to get one as well. I realized that due to having darkness in the apartment now and again because of those that do not like sunlight I had to move my orchid outside so that it saw some light.  Now we hardly have room for meals outside. I will have to revise the situation.

In the meanwhile today is a shopping day, and otherwise who knows. I might decide to go somewhere. Enjoy the day and have fun.

This is the flower bed planted next to our war memorial, which does brighten it up a little.

Solothurn 08.07 (21)