Good Morning

Clouds 07.07 (7)

This is a photo from yesterday afternoon taken on a wheelie from my chair, just across the main road from where I live. At least we have a few dramatic clouds, although it was quite warm and the sun was shining. Today it will become a hot one with high temperatures, the result being that this morning we have the plain blue sky with no clouds.

I had not been on a photo safari for a couple of days due to a few monsoons. I nearly missed the opportunity yesterday as my bed would not let me go after my midday sleep, but I fought to the bitter end and decided to go. As I plan an hour or two I could not make big leaps into town, so I decided on the local animal farm, although the animals have now dwindled to a few ducks.

Ducks 07.07 (9)

and many chickens with their goat guardian. I am sure the goat is there to warn the fox not to get closer.

Chickens 07.07 (5)

It is astonishing that when the farmer leaves his tractor unattended in the chicken run, the chickens get curious and decide to try it out for places to perch. I wonder if they also lay a few eggs in between the wheels and seat. The goat also decided to have an inspection tour. His friend was on the other side of the tractor.

It was a good wheelie, but I did not meet one person on my way. It was a mixture of very hot weather and a World Cup Football match between England and Sweden which England won – three cheers and all that. If Sweden had not won against Switzerland and knocked them out due to an own goal from the Swiss team, yesterday’s match would have been England playing Switzerland and then I would have had a big problem with loyalty to a football team. Now England are through to the semi finals and play Croatia who beat Russia by penalties yesterday.

And now a little update on me, although there is not much to update. Since my glorious breaking of a leg in Janurary things could only get better and I am now able to walk quite well at home without any assistance by stick or otherwise, although Mr. Swiss tends to get a little nervous when I begin to clean windows and stuff like that. I can even now walk with bare feet. It might sound strange but I always had a little fear when not wearing slippers or shoes, but it works quite well. It is all a matter of self confidence. I am glad now that when I  visit a certain place where most of us go in the middle of the night, I do not have to search for my slippers. I am now almost back to my normal state, although normal is a little different when there is always an MS shadow hovering somewhere.

Yesterday we had a small drama. Our main entrance door made crunching and screaming noises when we wanted to close it and it got fixed. We were not locked in our apartment, but left with an open door welcome. It was Saturday evening, there was an important football match on the TV and we needed help. We remembered the general factotum handyman carpenter in our village with his company so risked an emergency call. He was luckily not so much a football fan and said he would come along straight away. In five minutes he was there and had a look at our door. It was a matter of small stones getting wedged under the door and he managed to cure our problem within a few minutes. The culprit was probably my wheelchair where stones tend to get wedged in the wheel profiles, especially when it had been raining. He wanted nothing for his service and said it was no problem at all, but if it was OK he would visit again next week as the space between our door and the floor was far too narrow and he would correct this and raise the door a little. Yes, our village is there for you no matter what or when.

Mais 07.07 (4)

That was the excitement of the day. I notice that our corn field in the village is also growing taller. I remember it being planted when there were little shoots of green and now the first reports of corn cobs are showing with their feathery accomplishments at the tips. The actual cobs appear further down the stem, but this is animal corn and not for human corn on the cob.

Thistle 07.07.2018

Otherwise life goes on and I hope to make an escape today on one of my wheelchair adventures into the unknown. Take it easy, have fun, and I hope it will not be  thorny like this thistle.  If you have a rainy day you can always play with your computer.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well, your day was probably more entertaining than ours. I spend a lot of house looking at mattresses online and finally, told Garry this morning that we were going to have to actually go out to a furniture store. Which we did. And now, we have a new mattress. The mattress we have is 17 years old, maybe 18, so it has been due for replacement for years. I just didn’t want to spend the money. But finally, it crossed my mind that the demise of our mattress probably has something to do with the pain in my hips and back. I hope so because it was a lot of money if it turns out to be exactly the same.

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    • Mr. Swiss tells me for some time we should have new mattresses, but i feel quite comfortable with mine. We have two beds, each hisvown, side by side. I sleep so well on mine. Good luck with your new one and .i hope you sleep better with it


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