RDP #37: Embrace

Two slugs mating

We met in the garden, oh what an embrace
There was plenty of time and did not have to chase
Just curl up together, what a wonderful male
I got quite confused, because he was a gale
No, I was a girl, so pretty and slimy
Or was he my partner, so lovely and grimy
Let’s forget all the details, there was no need to fight
When you really get down to it, you are both hermaphrodite
I am sure he/she yearned for me, it was love at first sight
We wasted no time, there was no need to fight
There was doubt some time after, we were shaky on our legs
but two weeks later it was me laying eggs
There were just 86 and I buried them fast
I had made up my mind they would be the very last
The year had been long and eggs were four hundred and thirty
It was now his/her turn and I told him/her not to get shirty
So the next time we met we did it again
but he/she laid the eggs, and it began to rain
I knew what would happen when we had met
But our family is most important, let it rain and get wet
Nobody likes us, but we both have each other
Is he/me the father and he/me the mother?

Slug eggs 16.10.2016 (2)

No slugs were harmed in the making of this blog, and they both gave their permission to take photos.

RDP #37: Embrace


3 thoughts on “RDP #37: Embrace

  1. You are WAY nicer to your slugs than I am to any of my bugs. Perhaps I am a born-again warrier? By the way, I left a message for you in your comments that went to moderation because (oops) I used two links (bird sites).

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