RDP #36: Hospitable


It all begins at the end of Spring. The first plants are showing buds and there is a promise of flowering beauties in the garden and so the local superarket does its best to show how hospitable they can be. There is even a little hut outside where you can make direct purchases from the plants you choose. I will be quite honest, I rarely buy a summer plant, I take photos of them. they have so many, interesting plants, and often quite expensive. My green thumbs never achieve the permanent garden glory, so it is better to admire them from afar and where could it be better than in the store to preserve their memory. They want to sell the plants, so they are all looking their best, each one spreading its leaves and flower stalks to cover the others. “Buy me” they would say if they could talk, but phosynsthesis does not have a voice. I just look for the flowers saying “take my photo”.

It is hospitality at its best and the gardening furniture is placed next to them which Mr. Swiss appreciates most of all because he can take a comfortable seat whilst I am investigating the newest arrivals (by camera of course).

Migros Langendorf

We now have the first week of July which is not late. After all the American colonists have only just finished celebrating their win over the British intruders and one english rose does not make a summer as they discovered over the pond.

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived at the entrance to the supermarket this morning. There was a yawning void where there used to be delphiniums, roses, and even passion flowers. Even the geraniums had disappeared. Ok, there is a time when they  should all be in their boxes and not in individual pots, but it was a shock. I had to take photos of this emptiness to show it was reality. Where have all the flowers gone? They could have asked me if I had interest.

RDP #36: Hospitable

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