11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 06.07.2018 Passion Flower

  1. The fruit are edible, but not many varieties make good fruit. The prettiest flowers are the less likely to make good fruit. I was never all that impressed with the fruit. The flowers are edible as well, but they are only about as impressive as the fruit it.
    My colleague down south has been dealing with a passion fruit vine that has been coming up on the chimney of his parents home as long as anyone can remember. It dies back in the winter, and sometimes seems to be completely dead if it does not regenerate the following year, but it always comes back eventually, even if it does so in the second year. It dates from a time when the area around Beverly Hills (west of Los Angeles) was fields of agricultural commodities, including beans, squash and of course, passion fruit.

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    • Passion fruit is not a European thing and belongs more to the exotics in the fruit store. I was surprised when I got two fruits once from a plant I had. I can imagine that the less good looking passion flowers have the best fruits. Seems strange to think that Beverly Hills was once normal farmland and not normal film star land.

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      • It was not exactly ‘normal’ farmland. It grew shallow rooted vegetables like beans and such. In some spots, the soil is toxic just a short depth below the surface. Citrus or avocado orchards would not have been practical like they were in other near coastal regions of Los Angeles County. Much of the region is over the Beverly Hills Oilfield. The La Brea Tar Pits and associated museums are nearby. The oil and tar makes landscaping challenging. If excavation happens to reach tar or oil, it can continue to bubble up . . . forever. There is no way to stop it. There are some elaborate homes in Beverly Hills, with large lawns. Some of the lawn have small circles of brick around such ‘slicks’. It can smell rather objectionable there at times. Decades ago, wealthy people started building luxurious homes in the region because large parcels were so affordable, probably because no one else wanted them. To this day, it still seems like such an odd spot to put such luxurious homes. California is such a pretty place, and there are so many prettier and less smelly places to live.


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