A Photo a Week Challenge: Celebration

Dad's 100th Birthday

There are certain birthdays that have to be celebrated in style, and so when it was dad’s 100th birthday he had a busy day at his care home where he had his own apartment. He was born on 24th September 1915 and it was now 2015. I live in Switzerland since 50 years, but visited dad in London every year when he got too old to travel to Switzerland. Of course the local newspaper, The Dagenham Post, sent a reporter to take a photo and write an article.  There were people coming and going all day to see him and in the afternoon there was a party in the home for everyone. Dad was a factory worker all his life and served in the second world war as a soldier. And of course:

Dad's 100th Birthday

even Queen Elizabeth II sent him a birthday card. Dad was never a keen supporter, but on this day he could not stop looking at the card she sent him: to think that even she knew it was his birthday.

7 months later dad passed away and my annual visits to London are no more, but there are some celebrations you never forget.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Celebration

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