RDP #35: Trace

Convent, Solothurn 02.07 (2)

Looking through the bars of the gate the figure stands there: an expression on its face that no-one has ever seen because it is always looking in the other direction. You can try it from a different angle, a little to the right perhaps, but there is nothing more to be discovered. Not a trace of recognition and it refuses to turn its head, but looks always towards the entrance. Is it a lady or a man? I always thought a lady, but this is a convent belonging to men.

It has been there every day since at least the 50 years I have seen it. Other buildings have come and gone, the road outside has changed its shape now and and again, but it still remains, firm and as strong as the rock it is built from.

Who is it and what does it want? It stands at the entrance to a monastery. Perhaps it is still waiting for a friend to return to its worldly position, perhaps it still hopes that a memory remains.

This statue always fascinated me since I have been living in this town firmly anchored in the roman catholic beliefs. There is a cathedral and a convent and this is at the entrance to the convent, a lonely statue. On internet you see all I thought, but there was no reproduction of this statue, at least I did not find it. You only find photos of what is on the other side, but the the statue  remains a without a trace.

Convent, Solothurn 02.07 (1)

RDP #35: Trace

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