Good Morning

Rainy Morning

After two weeks of heat wave weather with sun, fun and almost nothing to do, although we had to water the garden quite often, it is now monsoon time in Switzerland. The aircraft in Zürich are grounded at the airport due to high winds, torrential rain and thunder and lightening, although I am not really flying anywhere. My garden is now getting what it needs, rain: note the continuous stream of water flowing from above the entrance on the left. I am quite happy with this weather, can now take it easy and enjoy.

Yesterday marked a milestone in my abilities as a wheelchair driver. For some time I have really wanted to get to the edge of town where we have an aviary to take a few photos. I have never been there since being a licensed wheelchair expert, and now I can take the camera with all the lens. It is in an area outside the town gate with attached park.

Baselstrasse 02.07 (7)

There was one small thing bothering me on this journey. On the main sidewalk there is a church in the way. This church was probably built in the days before there were electric wheelchair drivers to take into consideration, and I wondered if there would be space enough to drive through without having to leave the safety of the sidewalk and drive into the road. I was wrong, there was plenty of room to wheel past. Our gothic ancestors were prepared for the future it seems.

I then had to tackle a downward and upward slope in the underground tunnel to get to the other side of the road. I decided if the chicken arrived safely after crossing the road, so can I. I arrived at my target and just had to cross a side road which was nicely sloped for wheelchairs. I could have gone on for a few seconds and actually entered the old town, but decided to keep that for another time. We do not want to overdo it. I noticed that in second gear in the chair I can do this in a quarter of an hour, quicker than if I walked it..

Birds 02.07 (1)

There were not as many birds there as I expected in the aviary. The budgerigars had disappeared and so had the ducks. I think it is because of the hot summer weather probably and they had retired to their backroom where it is cooler. However, I found this interesting specimen, as well as a canary.

Birds 02.07 (10)

I was quite proud of myself for reaching the town with the wheelchair and it was another obstacle conquered.

Chantier Solothurn (4)

Next to the aviary there is a large pond and it has become quite attractive in hot weather for mothers with their kids for a paddling opportunity. I am getting to know another side of life in my area. As I go along our local river, almost every spare place between the trees on the banks are occupied with youngsters either laying in the sun or having a dip in the river to cool down. Our local river is quite safe for swimming if you stay near the edge. It is a part of local summer life I never really knew.

Duck - Grebe 02.07 (4)

I do not really look at the time when I am on the way. Mr. Swiss is at home. Poor man has back problems and can also no longer walk so well. He can manage, but town is too far. I decided to take the route home along the river bank, as we live quite near the river. The only ducks I saw was this grebe type of thing. The swans were all together further up river having some sort of celebration, and too far for a good photo.

I eventually arrived home safe and sound and decided the next journey will be into town. I even have aspirations on wheeling to my supermarket which is in the next village, I can do it. In super sonic speeds it takes no time whatsoever.

In the meanwhile my cleaning lady is busy at home, the reason why I am always a little later on Tuesday with my good mornings. Enjoy the day wherever you are, see you around later after I have cooked lunch and cleaned some windows – I know I am always cleaning windows. I will leave you with a flower bed I saw in the town garden yesterday.

Chantier Solothurn (7)

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Fabulous pics – have you suffered from the summer storms, floodings, etc?
    Am in Switzerland right now – just very short trip – heard terrible things especially in Meiringen (which was my home town, no not really, but my dad came with a certificate of Meiringen and we went once to see if they had an ‘Armenhaus’!!!!)

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    • We had the summer storms, but no real floods. We live near the River Aare but is is too low down to affect us with a flood and it very rarely floods, just some high water. My son had to help in one of the flooded areas of the Innerschweiz when he was a Swiss soldier. He had never experienced flooding before, but said it was really bad because everything goes kaput. Every time he and the other soldiers went to a Beiz for a drink, they never had to pay, the village was so glad of the help they were getting.


  2. Congratulations on your outing. Next stop the centre of town!
    I was limping about the far east of Switzerland today and noticed a lady who couldnt use her right hand on a lay back bike wizzing along. I think i might try one. What do you think?

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    • Bikes are not for me, whether you can lay back or not. I prefer my wheelchair because I can handle the camera better, and I could never ride a normal bike. If you can ride a bike and are used to road traffic, why not. The laws of the road are not for wheelchairs, we are treated as pedestrians. My youngest son lives in the Far East of Switzerland, Wilchingen in Kanton Schaffhausen. He works in Biel during the week and has a flat there as well.

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  3. That looks like the same specie of banana tree that I grow, but in a climate that it could not survive outside through winter! It is big for something that was obviously moved there, or perhaps in a big pot.

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    • Now and again we see a banana tree in a garden in summer, but never in Winter. They dig them out and keep them in pots somewhere warmer. They would never survive the ice and snow of Switzerland and constant temperatures below 0°C in Winter.

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  4. Zebrafink – the one with stripes. My father had a small flock back in the days when I only came for visits. They had an outside aviary, but only a small one. One day I came back there and they were gone.

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  5. That’s a beautiful wading pool. Boston has a huge one, but it isn’t as pretty as yours. Around here, if you are brave, you can dangle your feet in the river. There’s also a little swimming area very nearby in an area near the river. I’ve always thought that Garry and I need matching “senior” tricycles. We used them when we were at a park in Virginia and they were fun. We also managed to get around the park without ending up on a gurney. Garry’s back isn’t great anymore either and mind is a disaster.

    I think that canary is actually a Budgerigar (aka parakeet). I used to have a couple of them when I was a kid.


    • I was surprised to see the kids in the pool with their parents having a cool down. We have two large swimming pool areas, both built on the banks of the river. I often went there in summer when the kids were still small. My eldest son goes there for a swim now and again in the afternoon. As they are both on the riverside there is also access to the river for a swim.
      I just assumed it to be a canary because it was yellow


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