Good Morning


And it is another heat wave day today, blue skies, no clouds and it will be a hot one. I suppose I will just have to grin and bear it as most of us. It was one of the reasons why I just stayed at home yesterday. It was just too hot for a wheelie in my chair into the unknown. If there is a breeze blowing it is not big problem, but yesterday it was still. Even my lawn now has a few brown patches, although we water it every day: perhaps we should do it twice a day.


My phlox are now showing their flowers in the garden.


And I have never had such a great show of calla for a long time. They were originally orange, and still have a few fragments of that colour, but over the years, about 10, they are becoming more yellow.

It seems that web sites, especially business sites, should now have some sort of data protection statement built into it. I had no idea of this, and to be quite honest, am still not really in the picture. I do not have a business site, so am of the opinion that it has nothing to do with me. On the other hand after reading up on a few articles I should have some sort of privacy policy explaining how I retain, process, disclose and purge data of my readers in this connection. I write a blog, not a legal thesis and I can just confirm here that I do not disclose any private information given to me on my web sites.

You can read what I write, anyone have a problem? I noticed many of the links I see in connection with this have an .uk at the end, so it is clear where it is coming from. EU I live in Switzerland and this country is not a member thank goodness. I get annoyed every time I read that we should change our laws and way of life to comply with EU stipulations. Just get lost, I am not a lawyer and just want to have fun writing a blog.

And as nothing dramatic happened yesterday I do not have a lot to say. The only dramatic thing in my life at the moment is that we must now live in darkness, especially in the afternoon, to prevent any hot air entering the apartment and to keep it all cool. Not my idea, but I am happy to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Crow 30.06 (1)

Mr. Crow that does not include you. Your sounds can be quite pesky to say the least with the continuous caw, caw, caw. We have a colony as neighbours and they always have something to say.

Today is shopping again, Monday usually is. I will now move on further for a tour de cleaning in the apartment. Have fun, I know I will: enjoying my housework, shopping and cleaning. Life as a golden oldie is full of stress. Have a good day, in spite of the fact that it is Monday.

Sunflowers 30.06 (17)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I cannot see why you would be worried about privacy of your readers. If someone leaves a comment with personal information in it, that is not your problem. I don’t think you need a disclosure statement unless you are running a business with your blog site which I don’t see is the case. Your pictures of flowers are so pretty. Have a good week. Here in US it is the time of our Independence Day … everyone is at the beach or somewhere because we are here on our dead end street by ourselves, everyone else is gone. Good ….. we like it that way. Peaceful and quiet. I have LOTS of rootlings on the glassed in back porch that I need to get into soil, so I will spend most of the next few days potting plants. I like that too. Have a good week.

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    • I am not really worried, but someone asked me what I intended to do and I had no idea and so I am doing nothing, just enjoying my computer life. I no longer do so much in the garden, just keeping it tidy. For the big problems I have the gardener


  2. I guess it’s an international hot spell because it’s really hot here. Hot and very humid, so it really feels like going outside is like walking into a bowl of hot soup. Not pleasant. I’ll just enjoy the air conditioning today.

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    • It is not so humid here as we have had no rain since at least 2 weeks, just very hot. We are now giving the lawn water twice a day, but it is still going brown. Travelling in the wheelchair is not too bad, you always get some fresh air in beteween.


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