A Photo A Week Challenge: From Below

Feldbrunnen 27.06 (4)

This is what you see if you look up when walking the path to our local castle Waldegg in our village of Feldbrunnen in Switzerland. There is a very long uphill alley leading to the castle lined with such tall trees that have been there for almost forever. Now and again one might fall due to a storm, but it is replaced and so they grow just leaving a space in the middle where you can still see the sky.

A Photo A Week Challenge: From Below

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 1, 2018

Dog 25.06 (7)

Is it just a dog or the Hound of the Baskerkvilles. Note the teeth, ready to bite, and the eyes.

Solothurn 30.06 (7)

I was passing my vet and noticed she had some interesting ornaments outside the entrance.

Clouds 25.06 (4)

It does not happen very often, but sometimes you find that cloud that is trying to be something other than a cloud. It has an eye, a tail and even a mouth and is just floating around.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 1, 2018

RDP #31: Scale

New window blinds 28.04 (9)

We have metal blinds outside: for protection at night mainly. I like daylight and usually only close them when the case calls for it. We were renovated last year and had to get curtains because they removed the metal blinds and we had nothing on the windows, so we settled for these stripes which serve their purpose very well. you can close them, open them half way or completely withdraw them from the window, which is permanently the case in the kitchen. They serve their purpose very well, as long as everyone agrees.

There can be a clash of understanding of using blinds, especially if one half of the partnership grew up with blinds as part of the integrated system of life and the other half had never seen a blind before, with an old fashioned thing called curtains at home which you only closed at night to stop people looking in when the light was burning.

In summer there can be complications. There is a hot relentless sun beating down on the windows throughout the day, although only on the west side. In the East the sun disappears some time after midday. As soon as the partner with the blind syndrome  notices the sun is arriving drastic measures are taken. I am ready to relax on my bed after lunch: the window is open to allow for a fresh breeze and the window stripes are slightly closed, not completely. He who will not not be mentioned, is in alarm status. the metal blinds are lowered in all bedrooms (we have three), and the curtain stripes are closed. It goes without saying that the windows are now closed. We must conserve cool air in the living quarters, especially the bedrooms, and light and fresh air are banned.

Sorry, I cannot sleep in this shrouded mausoleum, I need to breathe. And so one bedroom has raised blinds and an open window whilst the other bedrooms become vampire centers, the one where I take my midday rest.

It is all a matter of putting things in a correct perspective, in a scale. I am now outside on the porch with the sunblinds slightly lowered to keep things on a cool scale. In the meanwhile I have now removed all my kalanchoe plants from the living room, where they spend half a day with no light or air, to the kitchen table. I am sure I saw them nodding their flowering heads when I replaced them. They all took a deep breathe and sighed. Yes, I am the one that grew up with curtains and open windows for fresh air, not the one that had everything closed, grew up in a dark world and every waft of air was a draught.


RDP #31: Scale

Good Morning

Sunflowers 30.06 (6)

We have got sunflowers, not just a few but three fields full, so I suppose it would amount to a thousand flower heads, give or take a hundred. The field is on the edge of our town in a small park next to a church. Since last week I have noticed them as we drive on the way to the supermarket and I decided a few fleeting blurry photos were not enough for someone like me that never goes  anywhere without a camera, so I took it upon myself to do a wheelie yesterday in my chair to get a few more photos live.

Sunflowers 30.06 (12)

It was a bit further than my usual wheelies, although as I had a target to aim for so I did not waste so much time making other photo stops on the way. I drove in 2nd gear which got me along a lot quicker, I also have a third gear, but did not want to get too risky with the speed over the bumps or get a wheelchair speeding fine from the police. They are everywhere. As I was involved in my sunflower photos a lady speeded past on her bike. It was the neighbour. She recognised me instantly and made the remark “You find Mrs. Angloswiss everywhere with the camera” and laughed. It seems I am becoming well known on my escapades. Every time I leave our apartment in my chair there are always a few neighbours around who give me a wave on my way. Having an illness that needs a wheelchair to get to places is not basically fun, but it is the solution to many of my problems. The main disadvantage are objects that are on the same level or lower than my seat with a railing in between as I cannot get a direct shot and should really stand. I can stand, but it can get complicated when you have to leave your seat, balance yourself with something and shoot (I always have a stick with me attached to the wheelchair, but is not very comfortable).

Actually from the sunflower fields it would only be a couple of minutes into town, but I did not want to spend too much time on my escapade. On the return journey I had to wheel past the local high school where they have the stork nest on a tower, so another opportunity for a few photos.

Storks 30.06 (14)

It seems mum and dad stork now have only one youngster left in the nest, and that is not always there. The other two have flown on to new pastures. Our storks used to migrate to Spain or Africa in summer, but no longer so much. Life seems to be too comfortable in Switzerland.

Crops 30.06 (2)

When I arrived home I felt great, at last I had found some different photo material. I was just a little disappointed that there were no Van Gogh lookalikes painting the sunflowers.

I have now got appetite of travelling to town with my wheelchair, why not? Yesterday evening was spent with uploading more than 100 photos and watering our parched garden. We are now experiencing our first heat wave of the summer. Of course it is not pleasant to sit  in temperatures of 30°C, but it will probably be only 1-2 weeks and we can lower the shade on the porch or close the blinds indoors. I laugh when I see the complaints permanently uttered in Facebook mainly by the Brits. They complain about the colder weather, and as soon as they get some cloudless skies with sun and higher temperatures, they are suffering from the heat.  All I can say is grin and bear it, they will survive. I now have a wheelchair sun tan: brown arms  and neck and brown knees. I have also got brown legs, but the sun really hits the knees when you are sitting. I am probably lucky to be one of those people that do not burn in the sun.

And now to move on. There is a Sunday meal to cook, some tidying up to do and enjoy life. I will leave you with some daisies in one of the neighbours gardens. She really has a great show this year. Have fun, keep safe and do not complain about the heat so much, it will pass and we will soon be freezing and soaked when the monsoon and storms arrive.

Daisies 30.06 (3)