RDP #29: Milestone

Bird Ornament

Yesterday we had such strong gusts of wind that our bird, Fred, fell in the garden and so we had to fit him up with a stone to prevent it happening again. We always have  few large heavy stones laying around. I remember when we bought our apartment. It had been freshly built and we just had two stretches of wannabe lawn at the front and back. As we were  organising this apology for a lawn we discovered there were more stones that anything else, left behind by the original builders.  They were not really stones, but more boulders, and now we have collected a stone in our Ragtag Prompts, a milestone so they say.

Solothurn Shield, entrance St. Kathrinen cemetery
This is, of course, the real thing. It was found at the exit (or entrance) to the local cemetery belonging to the town of Solothurn. It marks the border of our little village of Feldbrunnen, to the big brother over the road, the town of Solothurn. It is a milestone, so if you die on the bottom half of the area where you see the stone, it is a responsibilitiy of the town of Solothurn to give you your last resting space. If your last breathe occurs on the other side of the stone, then the village of Feldbrunnen should take care of your remains. Of course, this is all hypothetical as we live in modern times and it all depends on who pays the bill.

We have now reached the first stepping stone of our Ragtag Daily Prompts, and there is no question on what side of the border we will take our last writing steps. We stay in the middle where the bloggers say good morning and goodnight to each other. Tempo passati, we have now reached the one month mark and are we happy? Of course we are otherwise we would no longer be here. We still curse about the impossible words we have for a prompt, we still complain about not knowing what to write, but we carry on regardless. Our destiny is now in the hands of those that care, that like to share the fun.

I did not take my last breath at the Daily Post Daily Prompt site which is now a deserted desert of years of prompts that are still there, almost like the local cemetery. Now and again I might drift in and listen to the wind whispering between the tiles of the old prompts. There is even an inscription there “We’re no longer publishing new writing prompts, but hope you find inspiration in the hundreds already in our tombs” and then you here an evil laugh and a scream. Do not go there, they might drive a computer through your heart.

No, now we are in the land of the living, a bit ragged, but tagged to the last idea. We can do it, we already have. We are alive and prompting as we always were. Long live the Ragtag prompts and may there be many milestones, although I prefer kilometres, they are more modern,

Bird Ornament

RDP #29: Milestone

8 thoughts on “RDP #29: Milestone

    • I also have an “off” day today, beginning with the morning chaos shopping. They have three parking places for the handicapped and all three were occupied, all with the special permission. Mer. Swiss let me off at the entrance to the supermarket. We were later in any case and we both felt tired before we began. I am glad I have now got it behind me until Monday.


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