Good Morning

Morning Cloudy sky

This morning does not look very promising. I have not seen a grey sky like this for a couple of weeks in the morning, so it is something completely different. There is also a cool wind blowing, which lead to a debate.

Washing Line

One of the first chores in the morning in the summer months is that either me or Mr. Swiss put the empty wash stand outside to fill it with the various towels we use in the bathroom/shower to dry in the sun and remain fresh. Usually at lunch time I can replace them in their normal places. When there are grey skies we are not sure what to do. After a preliminary discussion we decided to risk putting the stand outside and see what happens. There is a nice fresh breeze, so if it doesn’t rain it should be OK. Our only problem might be that the breeze blows the stand over and we have to collect the towels on the ground. However, the problems of a golden oldie life, which are actually not problems, but it keeps us busy.


Yesterday evening we had one of those colourful sunsets and I really though today would be another great day

Evening Sky

It all seemed to be an illusion, but I captured a few shots from the porch before going inside around 9.45 p.m.

Then I had one of those nights, which rarely happens to me, where I had difficulty falling asleep. Generally I collapse on the bed and know nothing more until the morning, except for my twice nightly excursions to that place where most of us go in the night. I also had a little disturbance which does not usually disturb. Both Mr. Swiss and I have those wonderful inventions of modern life, the automatic electric toothbrush which uploads when not in use. I now have a new one. I always had a Philips sonic, but they do not live long on my teeth. I have now changed to a water pik which seems to be stronger, Mr. Swiss has had his for at least 10 years. We now have two toothbrushes uploading during the night.

Night Lights toothbrush

They make no noise, but just sit silently on the cupboard with their green lights. Mine was flashing as it was uploading to full power. It looked like some sort of green eyed monster sitting in the corner of the bedroom. I even have a photo. As I could not sleep and my telephone camera is always next to the bed, because it has a built in floodlight, I took a photo of it. I know, I take photos of everything – one of the pleasures of a golden oldie that has nothing better too do.

And now I must go places and do things in the appartment as today is the great excursion to the local supermarket buying all sorts of goodies for the week-end. I made the list on my iPhone yesterday evening and now and again Mr. Swiss adds a few items, but there is general approval. Son No. 1 will not be home for the evening meal on Saturday, as there is yet another open air concert which he will attend.

Here is another mystery flower I saw on one of my wheelies in the landscape. Enjoy your Friday, tomorrow is week-end, time to relax and have fun, although I try to have fun most of the time.

Special Flowers 27.06 (1)

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Ich weiss nicht ganz genau wie du das meinst. Mein Acer Computer hat Avira als Schutz, und ich leere immer die Browser wenn ich fertig bin. Ich habe auch Malwarebytes und die CC Cleaner, was ich immer laufen lassen, wann ich fertig bin. Ich habe auch ein Apple computer, aber da habe ich nichts, weil ich finde es nicht so nötig mit die Mac Sachen, nicht einmal ein antivirus programme. Ich surfe fast nie und brauche mein computer, ausserhalb die blogging sites, mehr für Fotobearbeitung.


      • Auf unseren Blogwebseiten müssen wir die Datenschutzverordnung haben .. sowie ein Impressum .. das hab ich noch nicht einbauen können .. aber es ist Pflicht .. daher hab ich nachgefragt ich sehe keine Datenschutzerklärung etc auf deiner Seite .. das hat nichts mit den Computer zu tun .. es geht um die Daten die du mit den Plugins weitergibst …. und und .. und da ich mir unsicher bin .. frag ich nach wie du das machst .. auf blogspot wo wir uns kennen lernten .. da hab ich alles zu gemacht .. lg

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  1. I had to water our garden from 11-12pm, after returning from a get-together in friends’ garden…. It was magic! With the garden lights on and some lights inside the house it was an adventure for me, bad eye-sight, HH already upstairs (he said he meant to lie down and wait for his wife to return from the 1h garden ‘journey’ but he was fast asleep when I finally climbed up to meet him), it was just me, the plants, flowers, shrubs, the water with its lovely shine in the darkness and the reflexes of the lamps, the birds asleep, peace on my mind….. and had we had a sky like yours today I would think it might be stormy today. Here we already have 30° midmorning and your towels will be fine by lunchtime 🙂
    In our bathroom it’s HH’s razor, the flashing green lights drive me potty – can’t stand it

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    • At the moment we are watering the garden every evening, although there are a few yellow patched on the lawn. I usually sit outside with the computer or my Kindle until about 9,30 in the evening. The weather became quite good during the day and the towels were dry by lunchtime. At the moment I am resting a bit more during the day as I am feeling a little fatigued. Sometimes I have good days with my MS and sometimes not so good.

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  2. Thanks again for the advice. I remember ageratum from England more in my earlier years. I saw this plant growing in the cemetery at a gravestone. I remember the ageratum more as being a small plant, but like all flowers, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes


  3. We also have electric toothbrushes. I always buy extra heads for the brushes. I tried a Waterpik and thought I was drowning. But I’ve given up all the electronic tooth thingies and buy LOTS of toothbrushes. I just brush them. A lot. Enthusiastically. Which seems to be working out better. Garry, however, is a dedicated electronic tooth guy.

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    • I love my electric toothbrush. I had a Philips but they only lasted a yea which was under the guarantee and I was constantly getting free replacements, which was OK. Mr. Swiss bought his Water Pik from the dentist and it had a permanent life, so now I also have one. We have a good dentist. The father has now retired and the son has taken over the practice, they have almost become family friends


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