RDP #27: Indulgence

Does it have to be something I like to eat.? Not really, because there is a point when it is no longer an indulgence, but a regular thing. I like to eat potato chips (what I knew as crisps in England), the finely sliced potatoes with a salty flavour, perhaps with paprika, or …. well you know it, there must be a dozen varieties of taste and flavour, but that is not an indulgence, nothing special, I do it when I feel like it, mainly in the evening when reading.

Me in the car window 16.06 (1)

I take photos, wherever I am I have a camera. I sit outside eating dinner and suddenly a fly arrives on the table, cannot blame him, they like food. I take my mobile phone and manage to get a closeup of a nice fat green fly as he sits and ponders about his meal. The phone camera is only a small part of the equipment. It is handy, always there, and since I indulged in getting an iPhone X it is a clear case. I even have a direct connection to my online Flickr photo album, so my photos are automatically uploaded in a few seconds.


Long walks are no longer possible, but I have an electric wheelchair. Do not pity me as I make the most out of everything and anything. I used to make do with one standard lens on my Nikon because I was then managing with a stick, now I can take a camera with lens, and two extra lens in my shoulder bag in the wheelchair. If the weather is good I am on my way taking photos of trees, of cows, ducks, rivers, fire trucks, tractors and perhaps just garbage heaps or building sites. There are so many possibilities. If the sun is casting a shadow somewhere different, then take a photo. If you see a nice big spider, then he is the next subject. You might even capture the hairs on his legs. Flowers? they are everywhere, so get them in the picture, the closer the better,  and if there is a bee or wasp having a pollen lunch, all the better.

Shopping is done by car, but no problem. As you can see in the picture above, a photo can be take from a car window. Today I had a little tragedy, I forgot my camera when we departed for the supermarket. No problem: Mr. Swiss found I can do without as an exception, but where you have an iPhone or whatever, you can still take photos. This afternoon the sun was shining, there were clouds everywhere, the nice artistic big ones with the sharp edges. They were floating in the sky and inviting me to take their photo. I take photos of everything and anything. Is this an indulgence or an addiction. It makes no difference, it is fun.

Clouds 25.06 (1)

RDP #27: Indulgence

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