RDP #24: Rejuvenate


Here I am rejuvenating last year’s amaryllis. I did it the first time last year and it worked, so it seems that amaryllis rejuvenation is possible. Of course I had a look in internet for some ideas, but you can return them to their youthful stage of flowering, as I did last year, and it is quite easy. When they are finished flowering and the weather gets better in Spring, put them outside. Give them regularly water and fertisiliser and let the the leaves grow. In Autumn the leaves have probably disappeared, but who needs leaves, we want flowers. You can repot them in Autumn and remove any dead roots.

You will be surprised to see how big your amaryllis bulb has become. Of course, if everything has gone as it should, inside this bulb there is a new flower or two waiting to grow again. Imagine my surprise when it worked last year with a new rejuvenated amaryllis plant.

Me at the computer

Unfortunately this does not work for everything. As an example of failure, see this human – a photo taken by Mr. Swiss in one of those moments where I was unprepared, not one of my best, but we cannot always resemble the golden oldie of the year.  Why should I be prepared, You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, nor can you rejuvenate a golden oldie just by giving it water and fertiliser and putting it in a new pot.

However, you can make the most of what you have. You have a computer, perhaps an iPad and a mobile phone, so you can contact people in the case of emergency and at least tell them that you are still alive and breathing. Note the walker with attached walking stick in the background for all emergencies. There is a glass of cola on the table to prevent dehydration – a common problem amongst golden oldies. And a rose on the table to show that not all is lost. I am smiling, yes it is a smile, a real one. Must have been something amusing on the computer or I was looking forward to a wheelie in my chair afterwards. It is just a golden oldie having golden oldie fun, who needs rejuvenation.

My British mum always got annoyed when the government again increased the price of a cigarette packet by charging more tobacco tax. She found “What else does an old boy (meaning an elderly gentlemen, golden oldie) have other than his cigarettes”. Of course you can disagree with this statement, but in those days cigarettes were a way of life, especially if they got you through a world war. In my case, when I have to pay for a new computer, my mum would probably say “What else does an old girl have (like me) other than her computer”. Yes times change and the cigarettes have been replaced, we all have our computers, or iPads, or iPhones and perhaps even iLives. There are various methods of rejuvenation

RDP #24: Rejuvenate

7 thoughts on “RDP #24: Rejuvenate

  1. When my great uncle tried to take away my great grandmother’s old Chrysler, she would say that she had been driving those things since they were invented, so was more experienced than anyone. It was not easy to argue with that. The funny thing is that she had a perfect driving record!


    • But you bought cigarettes continuously and in England they got more expensive constantly. Switzerland was one of the cheaper places when I arrived, but today no longer. I stoppped smoking 20 years ago and have never regretted nit.
      Rejuvenation for me today only exists in science fiction


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