Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 23.06 (1)

I’m here, I made it after another comfortable night hugging the bed. It’s Sunday and in my pre golden olden days, Sunday was really a day to take it easy, although the kids were another opinion. Even the cows have disappeared. There were four meadows full of cows in my surroundings and now three are empty. The food trough is still there and the grass is growing again, so I am sure one day they will return. This all reminds me of the film “The Silence of the Lambs” to be substituted by the Silence of the cows. I miss their smell, their fly encrusted recycling heaps on the ground and their sweet little faces, also mostly covered in flies, but they lived with them together, a symbiosis.

Cows 12.06 (9)

They are probably now grazing in the pastures of the eternal grasslands, but they are not forgotten. Today’s lunch: chopped veal in a cream sauce with champignons, I know, but life goes on. If I ever see the farmer I will ask him for the sordid truth, although he has also disappeared. Perhaps the cows got their revenge.

Feldbrunnen 23.06 (2)

So now on a more happier theme I went for a wheelie again yesterday. It was more to get out and enjoy the summer weather we now have. I took the camera with me, but there was nothing special to photograph. The ducks and geese had all disappeared and there were no horses in the stable. Of course there were still 100 hens and 1 rooster keeping an eye on them, but they have work to do, like laying eggs, although to be quite honest, I do not buy eggs on the farm: they are a little on the more expensive side. Now and again someone might fancy a fried egg sunny side up and Mr. Swiss might make one of this famous apple tarts, although he has now progressed to apricot tarts, as it is season.


I am getting a little worried about my apple trees. This is my fiorina apple sort, but the gala tree looks just the same. The branches are loaded with apples and Mr. Swiss mentioned that perhaps we should begin to think about supporting them as the apples are growing, and they are not small apples. Eventually the bows will need support before they break under the weight. I must say I have never had such a great harvest as this year. There must be at least 200 apples together on both trees if not more. Last year we had only about 10 apples, but last year was the year of the building battle and few apples survive heavy boots trampling the ground and scaffolding in front of their little stalks.

Castle Waldegg 23.06.2018

I wheeled past the local castle on my way and noticed the people taking a rest on the benches outside. Since having my own bench on my wheelchair, I no longer have to wait for room on an empty bench. Of course having to depend on a wheelchair for walks is not perfect, and I would also like to do it under my own steam. However, I do not have to carry my camera and the lens and I must say people are very kind and friendly. Everyone greets me although it is custom in Switzerland. I remember the words of my mother-in-law when she saw someone she knew. “I did not greet her, she is younger than me and she greets me first”. Now everyone greets me first – is it the wheelchair or my age?

I only have to show myself at the kerb on the roadside and all the traffic stops for me. This is great, but those kerbs can be quite steep and bumpy for wheelchairs and I prefer doing it without spectators.

And now to move on. Mr. Swiss hugged the bed longer than me today, but we are both over the Speedy Gonzales age group. I suppose I should add that Switzerland are doing quite well in the Football World cup and have a good chance of getting into the round of the last 16 finalists after a draw with Brasil and a win over Serbia. They now have to meet Costa Rica. I am a football fan, but prefer to enjoy the weather outside at the moment. In the evening I spend my time reading outside on the porch.

I do not know what today’s programme is, there is almost nothing left to photograph. I leave you with some sweet peas with a butterfly, growing opposite my garden which are stray seeds from my garden and which are slowly taking over.

Butterfly 23.06.2018

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Beautiful picture. I enjoyed reading the post. This type of life is a distant dream for me. Only read in book and blogs. Admire very much. Nice writing from the heatt.

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  2. I see ‘Mrs Angloswiss Fresh Apples’ for sale in front of your house, along with samples of Mr Swiss apple tart. Of course, Tabby would also charge for people to admire her and her blog-famous McDonald’s M on her forehead…

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    • Let’s dream on. Most probably kind hearted me will be giving apples to people I know. At the moment Mr. Swiss has changed to apricot tart, which are very good with whipped cream on top and Tabby only accepts payment in tuna fish. She is thinking on establishing a patent for her MacDonald’s M, as she is convinced she is the only tabby cat with such an individual mark.

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  3. Oh my! That apple tree should have been pruned more aggressively. It is a very common problem with apples here because gardeners do not know or care what they are doing. Your gardener probably just missed the schedule because of the construction. Pruning not only lightens the load, but also concentrates resources to improve the quality of the less abundant fruit. (It is better to have fewer but better fruit than an overabundance of inferior fruit.) It looks quite healthy, at least in pictures. The fruiting spurs looked good in winter. We grow excellent stone fruits here, but apples and pears probably do better there than here.

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    • I have had that tree since it was a baby, almost 20 years and I am glad that it actually has apples. They are called fiorina and are usually medium to large and red/yellow. I will wait and see what happens in Autumn. We had a good year with no hail which usually reduces the flowers.

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  4. I’m sorry your cows went away. I’d like to think they went to greener pastures. I always feel guilty about eating meat, but I seem to be a carnivore and unlikely to make that big switch.

    What a great bunch of apples! Wow.

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    • We have no alps in our area where the cows usually go in summer. It seems so strange that the field are empty. I would also have problems becoming a complete veggie person, now and again I might have a meatless meal, but more the exception.


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