Good Morning

Evening Sky 21.06.2018

It is just a plain blue sky this morning, with sun, so it should be a good day. There is a constant light breeze which keeps everything nice and cool. I thought we might get rain during the night as it looked quite dismal, but I think the high winds blew the rain clouds away. Anyhow life is good and all that jazz, so let’s get on with it. As today is week-end shopping day I have things to plan and do.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, did not have the energy. I discovered a pleasant surprise in my garden.

Some years ago I planted hollyhocks. The gardening place only had yellow ones, although I always wanted red ones. I then saw the red sort growing in the town park, kept my eye on it and when the seeds were ready I picked some from the plant. Who notices a seed thief? I eventually scattered the seeds somewhere in the garden and forgot them. Last year we had the battle of the builders on our block, so nothing had a big chance in the garden.

Front Garden

A lot went kaput in the garden because of the builders and they had to remove the little hedge what was on the left of the photo, I also had a few plants there. I told them not to replace the hedge, but make a wider entrance to the garden, thinking it would be more suitable if I wanted to enter with my wheelchair. They did a good job of it and in the corner you can see a green plant beginning to grow, which I recognised as a hollyhock. I used to have one of my yellow hollyhocks there.

It has now grown through the spring and has begun to flower.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (1)

My flaminco decided to hog the photo. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the flowers were dark pink. It must have been one of my stray seeds that decided to go forth and multiply, I cannot otherwise explain it. There used to be the boring yellow hollyhocks growing there. These pink ones are even a better strain as my original yellow ones, much stronger stems.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (5)

My hostas are also now all flowering. I have various sorts but these are the ones with the green leaves and the white stripes.

Hostas 20.06 (1)

I had a complete row of this sort, but the builders removed half of them and replanted them in another place in the garden, as they had to plant the scaffolding where they were. I now have a bare patch, but spoke to my gardiner and he said he will plant some to replace them, but now is the wrong time for planting hostas, so I will wait.

Reflecting on the complete building catastrophe, we are now almost back to normal. Our lawn now looks respectable. There are one or two bare patches, not too big, but as soon as the gardener has some bits of lawn ready, he will fill in the spaces. We now again have a pleasant place to relax outside in the summer months.

And now time to have a clean through in the appartment and depart for the shopping tour. The list has been made, our food ideas for the week-end are completed, and all we have to do is go and do it all.

Have a good day, it will soon be the week-end so have fun.

Special Flowers 19.06.2018

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Nice tour of your garden. I was surprised to see the flowering, thin leaved yucca in your last photo! we have that in our front yard here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has finished blooming now and today we have 100 degrees F! So I will be staying indoors with the cooler turned on.

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    • The yucca is not mine, but was flowering in another garden in our village and I saw it on one of my walks. We have a breeze blowing most of the time which keeps everything nice and cool.


  2. I like the way you widened your garden space. Very smart. My hostas are very late, but we came back from Connecticut and my rose buses are COVERED in buds with a few roses. There were no buds when I left — and hundreds now. Amazing and suddenly, it’s summer.

    I took a million pictures. Okay, more like 500. Garry too even more. Phew. I’m going to be processing forever.

    Glad to be home, though. I have my really comfortable bed back and I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss it!

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    • The builders had ruined that little flower bed so I told the boss not to replace that little bit and it worked out well . I love my hostas, have had them for many years and they are no problem to look after,. Here too we are having a rose summer, I always have a small potted rose on my tables outside and when they are finished I put them in the garden and with luck they flower again.
      Every time I go for a wheelie I come back with a camera full of photos and need to spend time sorting and naming them


  3. That last picture is the most rad! It is Yucca filamentosa, or a similar species of yucca! It is one of the more common species that has a big range from Louisiana to Delaware. It is also one of the more common for home gardens, and has a few variegated cultivars.
    By the way, is the hollyhock that mysterious foliage that looked like rhubarb earlier?

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    • We have a few yucca in the village gardens which flower regularly every year, but nothing like the super specimens you find in the warmer southern parts of Europe like Portugal, Spain or Italy.
      That rhubarb just kept growing and developing bigger leaves. Eventually it had a big flower stalk. The gardener arrived and was also not sure what it was and asked if he should remove it. I decided it would be better. I don’t like rhubarb and whatever it was, it was getting too suspicious

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      • Oh, rhubarb is probably my favorite vegetable. I have been growing the same rhubarb since I was just a little kid. I got it from my great grandfather. However, that thing did not look like rhubarb, and was sort of getting big and suspicious looking.

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