Good Morning

Katydid 21.06 (2)

Let’s start the day with the visitor of the day, a katydid. Mr. Swiss told me he was hovering outside on the wall so I naturally took his photo. We call them “hay horse” direct translated from the German. He was high up and far away, so I had to take the photo with my normal camera and not the mobile phone. I was also in a hurry, just stopped hugging the bed, but I managed to get his hairy legs. This year they seem to be in season, we usually only get grasshoppers, but I have not seen a grass hopper yet.

Renovation 2 removal of scaffolding 20.06 (2)

Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment. Yesterday they began to dismantle the scaffolding on the building opposite. I took a few photos on the way, but it was not such a big job as the one on our building last year in summer. We had the full works with new insulation and removal of the old. This building was just brightened up with a new coat of paint and cleaned. They seemed to be busy on the roof, but no big deal.

Cardboard collection 20.06 (1)

It was the monthly newspaper and cardboard collection day yesterday on our estate. You get a notice to inform when they are coming and everyone deposits the unwanted material outside. We also had a few boxes to deposit. The paper guys had already collected their stuff when I took the picture. It all has to be done separately and nicely grouped together, only organised mess on the swiss streets with the garbage.

Handicapped Sign

We now have the special magnetic plate on our car which is proof that we are now allowed to park on the special places for the handicapped, although I am getting a little annoyed. There are four special parking spaces, extra large as you need room when leaving the car. They are nicely situated next to the entrance of the supermarket, so what could be better? And all four places were occupied yesterday when we arrive, but sorry, I think some people are just to lazy to find something else and there were enough other places free. Two of the cars occupying the space had licence plates from Kanton Bern. I live in Kanton Solothurn and do not think I would go the distance to another Kanton to do my daily shopping. Mr. Swiss finds I am making too much fuss about this, but I would prefer to be able to use a normal place if I could. Luckily we found another spot also quite near. I think I am becoming a grumpy golden oldie.

Campanula 20.06.2018

Otherwise I took a photographic walk around my front garden yesterday and found that the yellow hollyhocks and campanula are also now flowering.  Summer is such wonderful time of the year. This morning I saw my daily earwig taking a walk around my kitchen, but Mr. Swiss says to leave them, they do no harm. I am not so sure about that, I think you can take this insect protection thing a little too far.

Today I will be taking it easy. It might begin to rain this afternoon, although at the moment it still looks like a sunny day.

Campanula 20.06.2018

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The magnetic handicapped label for the car is a good idea. We have in USA these plastic things that you hang from the rear view mirror inside the car, which is nice but they can be swapped around a lot. We also have abuse of the handicapped parking places. A few weeks ago at the Post Office I arrived to empty our PO box which we rent at the PO and the ENTIRE parking lot, more than 100 slots was totally filled. People drive in from farther out and park there as a commuter lot, which they are not supposed to do. Meanwhile those of us who rent the PO boxes inside the PO do not have a parking space when we want to gather our mail. I fired off an angry email to my elected senator and house of representative telling them how I felt. This is only the third time in 67 years I have written to my elected officials, that is how much this ticked me off. Their response was “suck it up” taxpayer. This made me even more angry.

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    • Eventually I will have a signed document from the police for in a plastic cover tonshow in the window, but most of the cars parked have none and once they have occupied the space you should have there is not very much you can do. The senator did not seem to be a big help


  2. It is madding when you find the handicapped places full. This especially true around the holidays. There is a small find for parking in but the police seldom check the parking lots so those who don’t routinely park in them. There enough handicap now they often fell all the spaces.

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    • It’s all organised here, but for a price. The normal garbage collection has to be put in the authorized plastic bags and they are not cheap. Garden rubbish must be in a special green plastic container. If you get caught dumping, there will be a heavy fine


  3. Around Santa Cruz, there are parking spaces specifically for those dangerously small electric cars. I would have no problem with spaces designated for those cars, if there were spaces for big cars as well. If I can not park in their spaces, they should not be allowed to park in mine. It is discriminatory to provide spaces for those tiny cars but not for big old cars that belong to those of us us who can not afford (or just do not want) a new tiny car.


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