RDP #20: Check

Dogs waiting

“Hey Monty, do you think she has forgotten us. Monty, Monty, I am talking to you.”


“Is that all you have to say, just “wuff”. It has been an eternity since she tied us up to that post. I have read about dogs being left like that. She could at least check now and again to see if we are still here and not stolen.”

“Wuff and cool down Cuthbert. I am enjoying this rest and no-one steals dogs who don’t know who there daddy was. They prefer a pedigree, like who was your great great grandfather and all that. Puts a bit of value on the ransom money.

Do you really want to be locked in one of those dog boxes outside? The last time she did that there was a poodle in the next box. He wouldn’t even share a bark with me, too busy trying to chat up the pekingese in the next box, said he didn’t have time for a rough one like me. No, this is comfortable so she should take her time.”

“But I am hungry and am fed up with all those strangers walking past and patting me on the head. I am slowly getting a headache. They could at least offer a biscuit now and again.”

“Stop moaning Cuthbert, you are too fat in any case.”

“I am not fat, that is all fluff.”

“Look I think she is coming, but she is talking to that lady she knows, the one with the bulldog.”

“Not that slobbering one. The last time he turned up I had to have a complete wipe down on the car seat and even that didn’t help. Nothing worst that sitting on a car seat full of bulldog slobber.”

“Keep calm Cuthbert, I saw the bulldog outside locked in the pen. All the other canines moved away as far as possible from his cage, they were getting sprayed all the time. What are you doing, stop acting so stupid standing on you back legs and wuffing all over the place.”

“I am just showing our owner how much I missed her Monty. You could also show some appreciation. It would mean double biscuits.”

“Double biscuits, might be worth a try. On the other paw I will stay where I am, she will give me a biscuit in any case. No reason to stoop to canine begging level. See, she gave me one  and I did not have to do degrading doggy stuff to get it. Cuthbert you still have a lot to learn.”

“But she returned, she did not forget us.”

“Of course not, she is a human doggy owner, they never forget their dogs and she had to pay for her dog licence, money talks all languages, even bark. Have you ever seen a hound left at the entrance to the supermarket. Even the slobbering bulldogs are taken home.”

Dogs waiting at supermarket entrance

RDP#20: Check

11 thoughts on “RDP #20: Check

  1. When we lived in Adelaide I would occasionally take our dog Tessie with me to the local shops if I was only going to pick up a parcel from the post office or some small errand. I’d leave her tied up outside and as she was a friendly dog she enjoyed people stopping to say hello to her. One day she must have been a big hit with someone as I came back to find her eating a sausage.

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    • A friend of mine always has doggie and cat kibbles with her in case she meets up with a cat or dog: not a bad idea. There were two cats that lived next to the supermarket. They would visit the restaurant daily and the customers always had something for them

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