Good Morning


Let us begin the day with a plant, but not just a plant. Actually the gardener discovered it growing in a flower bed, he discovered quite a few, but decided weed(s) does not belong in a garden and gave me a sideways suspicious look. “Must have been from some bird seed” he said. I nodded in agreement. I could not have him thinking that Mrs. Angloswiss was planting cannabis in her garden, although they looked a little weak. I told him they are probably the male sort. He sort of nodded in agreement, astonished that I knew there were two types,  I told him not to remove all of them as I would like to keep one weed to see how it grows.  I noticed yesterday it is growing quite well, so another surprise in my garden. It probably was from bird seed, as some years ago I had some seeds from a colleague and they were the real thing. Even the neighbours were impressed, never having seen this plant before.

Hay making

And now to something completely different. I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon for lack of something more interesting to do. The heat wave days are slowly approaching and the sun was beating down on the wheelchair. I noticed I am developing a nice brown colour on my skin. Who would have thought that you could get such a colour in a wheelchair. And so I seemed to be alone on my journey, as the walkers do not like to go out in when the hot sun is beating down. It seems the farmers are now busy cutting the wild meadows as it is ideal weather for it to dry in the sun during the day, and to gather the hay to store in the barn for the animal winter food.

Cyclists 19.06 (4)

On my way around the castle I saw a  group of school children on their bikes. They had crossed my path a few times from the main road up to the castle and it looked like an organised excursion as the teacher was with them. Two days ago on our local roads, they had the bike tests for the school kids. They have to drive a certain marked route, with mini street signs around the town and surroundings and on the way they are watched by various police to see if they are doing everything as they should. It has been done for years in our Kanton, probably all over Switzerland, and is a good idea for the kids to know how to behave on the roads. I think this excursion I saw was a treat from the teacher with his newly qualified bike professionals in the class. They seemed to be having fun, and the weather was ideal of course.

Cyclists 19.06 (1)

After and hour’s wheelie I decided it was time for home. It was really hot on the paths. The cows are still missing from the fields, but the grass is growing in their meadows, so they might be back, although probably some different cows. It is sad really I suppose. They have such a good life on our meadows, but a relatively short one. Today I think I will cook lamb for lunch, that usually comes from New Zealand, at least it is imported.

It is really a perfect wonderful summer this year. Plenty of sunny warm days and in between a real drench of rain to keep the balance.

Stream 19.06.2018

There are streams everywhere with enough water.

Yesterday we had a crisis at home. There was only half a bottle of Pepsi in the fridge left. I did report this the day before. The idea was that Mr. Swiss would buy six new bottles, but somehow it did not happen. It was then I heard that our enterprising autistic No. 1 son had bought cola on his expedition in town in the afternoon. I though how good of him to think about it, but when I saw his cola was a small can for I, me and myself, I decided to forget it. Anyhow I survived until the evening.

Our supermarket has a special offer at the moment. You fill a card with stickies and afterwards can exchange it for a small cardboard suitcase filled with various supermarket articles. There was a bottle of fizzy cherry drink, ice tea and orange. The orange looked very orange. Mrs. Swiss said it is cleaning liquid, I maintained it was to drink, but had another look and yes, it was cleaning liquid. We golden oldies should really be more careful, although I must admit it did look quite suspicious.

So now I must close down and get a move on. It is shopping day today (for six bottles of cola) and I have not yet said good morning to the vacuum cleaner. Enjoy you day and be careful what you drink, it might be floor polish. I will leave you with some daisies I saw growing in the village near the church. If you know their name, please let me know.

Daisies 19.06.2018

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I did not have it in England either, but London is not really a place where you can ride a bike safely, and I could never ride one in any case. Bikes are a common method of transport in Switzerland and a lot of the kids go to school on a bike.


  1. Hey, the hills could be alive with the sound of music. It’s the lady plants that do the real buzzy thing 🙂 Congratulations. You must be celebrating Canada making it a legal recreational drug nationally. Now, you can have your pick: stoned or drunk. Hi from Tom and Ellin and Garry!

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    • As this is not the super hemp, but just bird seed, I am not sure whether it is male or female. I had the real,thing once in the garden where I could see the difference quite clearly and threw the male plants out. This looks male, but am not sure. I might try to grow it, but will now weit until next year. They can be very majestic plants and they keep the flies away 🙂 and greetings to all from the backwoods of Switzerland


  2. Of all the thousands of specie I have worked with, that is one that I want nothing to do with. I have dealt with the stigma of it for my entire career, as if I can not be a horticulturist without growing it. People think that I became a horticulturist because of it! Seriously? It is so trivializing!

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      • I believe that people should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to us it, as well as tobacco and others. For years, many worked to outlaw tobacco in public spaces. Then those same sorts worked to legalize marijuana. Now that it is legal, it is smoked everywhere, even where the smoke is illegal. (It has the same restrictions as tobacco.) Years ago, one could ask someone to take their smoke elsewhere if it was a bother. With marijuana, people get very defensive and confrontational when asked to take their pot elsewhere. They feel that they have the right to use it, which I would agree with, but I also do not want to smell it. I have a right to clean air, just like they wanted back when people smoked tobacco!

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        • It smells like cat spray to me. Actually I am allowed, by doctors prescription, to take cannabis, but in tablet form, to relieve pain if I have any because of my MS, but up to now it has not been necessary

          Liked by 1 person

          • My ‘doctor’ has tried to prescribe it for just about every sort of ailment I have experienced over the past few years, without much explanation about how or why it might help. When I asked why he continues to try to prescribe it, he just tells me that everyone is using it for all sorts of problems. Seriously? Like is there a specific application for my particular situation? Oh well. I live right here in the middle of pot culture, and am one of only a few who refuses to use it. The more it is pushed, the more I resist. I am not impressed by those who overindulge with it.

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