RDP #19. Shaken

Fiat 127 Top - my first car

I loved this little car, it was my first, a Fiat Top 127. At last I could go to work under my own steam without being dropped off by Mr. Swiss. A second car is a financial burden, but we were both working and my car was my financial burden. And so there I was with my own four wheels.

About a two years later it happened. Driving to work at lunch time a car in front of me suddenly stopped and went to the right. He had already bumped the car in front of him and wanted to avoid more damage. I, of course, did not know there was a car in front. So  it got a second bump from me and my little Fiat got quite a big bump with bits and pieces hanging down from the front.

Suddenly there was action. People involved flashing papers, driving licences being produced and suddenly a young lady appeared from an office opposite asking if anyone belonged to the XYZ insurance company where she worked and could help to deal with problems. Me, I had no idea, I do not have car accidents very often, actually it was my first. After everyone calmed down and details were exchanged I managed under almost steam power, to get to my garage. I felt like crying, but the garage manager cheered me up by laughing, although I was still shaking.  I then learned the technicalities  of a car accident. I had the car repaired, it was all not so bad, although it did lose some anti freeze liquid shaken out of wherever it is stored.

My second accident was more comfortable as it happened just near where I lived, on my way home from work. I had now progressed to a fiat UNO. The car in front did not break in time and drove into the car in front of her. I naturally was surprised and knocked into her car and the one behind me completed the chain reaction. They all started getting their papers out, and I remained cool. I said the my home is just opposite, so what if we all go to my place, sit down at the table and do it all in comfort.

This was apparently unheard of, but a welcome suggestion. An hour later we had finished our discussions, worked out who was who and even made some little drawings with cars A, B and C. Mr. Swiss was away on business, I think in Germany, and I was expecting him to return any moment. Yes, he walked in the door to see me with two strange men and a lady at the dining room table.  Instead of greetings from a lonely wife he was confronted with discussions about a car accident. The lady involved was not Swiss, she was some sort of South American and was a bit lost with all the technical stuff and Swiss German. She asked if she could call her husband. I found why not, the more the merrier,  so her husband also joinced us. It really got comfortable, and no, I did not offer any coffee. i did not want to overdo it.

These things can happen I suppose. There was a slight accident when I drove backwards from a parking place and the car opposite also drove backwards and we met in the middle. That was an easy one and being woman had a logical solution. Both of us were guilty as driving backwards you are always in an advantage, so I said everyone pays their own damage. I think the guy was relieved and I never heard anything from him again.

RDP #19: Shaken

7 thoughts on “RDP #19. Shaken

  1. Interesting. I don’t remember being involved in car accidents. Only once a completely unknown mad man tried to hit me sideways to get me off the road and throw me over a bridge. I survived in one piece and he escaped. I never knew why he did that.

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  2. And we just got our car back from the shop. Every time we park it, someone clips it in the lot. I think I don’t want to park in those lots anymore! And we only have ONE car, so when it gets clipped, we are all clipped and shaken together 😀

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  3. I love you having everyone over to your place to exchange insurance information. Imagine having coffee and cake, and then everyone decides, “Oh, what the heck! We can handle this ourselves.” What a great time this must have been.

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    • It seemed the most sensible thing to do than everyone standing at the side of the road . We could all sit down and work it out without problems, but no coffee or cake. Mr. Swiss was surprised when he arrived home from his business trip.


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