Good Morning

River Aare 18.06 (17)

It was another great sunny and warm day yesterday so I made the most of it for a wheelie in my chair along the river. Even on a Monday there were walkers enjoying the scenery, most of them with their dogs. I even saw a couple of men fishing on the river bank, but this one decided to do it in style.

River Aare 18.06 (4)

He was doing the right thing. Why sit for hours on the side of the river when you can be among the fish on the river.

Dogs 18.06 (8)

And then I met the lady with her two dogs. She was quite annoyed because she was throwing them a stick, which they obediently took in their mouth and dropped it in the river before returning to the bank. She tried to retrieve the stick from the river and almost fell in. I was watching with my camera when her dog decided to leave the river. Of course he did what all dogs do after a swim, had a good shake to get rid of the surplus water. Luckily I was warned and backed away with my wheelchair, otherwise I would have got a free shower.

As I was wheeling along I wondered where the ducks and swans had gone. I got to the bridge and there they were all gathered together on the other bank, so I naturally wheeled over to the other side.

Ducks 18.06 (14)

For me this was a photographer’s paradise. I had never seen so many ducks gathered together in one place. I am not sure what the big white ducks are, but I never see them so much otherwise. Perhaps they were gulls.

Swans 18.06 (2)

I also managed a find a swan pair amngst the ducks. I had to get onto the bridge and take the photos through the spaces, so some of the photos had a red tinge on them from the paintwork.

Ducks 18.06 (4)

I eventually had to tear myself away from my duck photos and made my way home. I just wish that they would make a nice smooth layer of pavement on the river path as it gets to be a very bumpy ride between the stones. I really enjoyed my excursion yesterday, because I discovered a lot of interesting stuff to take photos of.

River Aare 18.06 (15)

As I was crossing the bridge one of our street cleaning machines approached. The bridge is only for pedestrians and bikes, but these machines are small and light enough to go over the bridge and they keep it all nice and clean. I bet that guy had never had his photo taken before when working, but he just nodded as he passed by.

This morning the cleaning lady is here, so I am a little later with my Good Morning. Mr. Swiss is in town and will buy a few bits and pieces in the store. We had an emergency situation yesterday when I saw there was only one bottle of Pepsi in the fridge, although I can drink tap water if necessary.  He will be replenishing the bottles today. It is another wonderful day today, so it looks like I will be on my travels again this afternoon, but this time not the river. I will take it easy and do the cemetery run and castle probably.

And now to go, I have a few windows to clean, although they are clean, just a brush up. Make the most of the day, take it easy and see you all later.

River Aare 18.06 (9)

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such nice pictures. YOu can do a computer search on “White Pekin Ducks” and see if the photos you get resemble the ducks you saw. Just a suggestion. They are also known as “domestic ducks”. Quack quack.

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  2. I find it amusing that ducks get along with everything. Swans, geese, herons. They are just the happiest campers in the fowl world. Try to put the swans and geese, or either swans OR geese with herons and you have total war, but all of them will happily hang out with ducks. ANY kind of ducks everywhere.

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    • We don’t have herons, So they all get on with each other. The geese and the black swans at the stables also get on with each other, no problem. What I stumbled upon was a real get together, all swimming around at the edge of the river. Unfortunately I couldn’t get nearer with the wheelchair.


    • They are Peking ducks most probably, but I never see them swimming on our part of the river. They might keep closer to the town. We have a pair of black swans at our local stables. They are new this year and have cygnets.

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