14 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 19.06.2018 Primroses

  1. They are so popular throughout the year here that I do not know if they are a warm season annual or a cool season annual. They work like snapdragons. People plant them whenever they want to. With a bit of grooming, they can be grown as perennials, although they do have a slow season at one time or another during each year.

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    • They are one of the first to arrive in Spring. You can buy the nice cultivated ones with the pretty colours in the stores, but there are the wild ones that appear every year in the same place, often between the tall trees

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  2. How nice to see these lovely primroses in June. Mine have all died off now and I really must get out there and split them up – too many large green leaves covering the ground. Bending down becomes more arduous each year though, and I keep hoping a nephew or niece will pop along and I can persuade them to do it for me! Some hope!

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    • The primroses in the photo were also from earlier in the year, they are now long gone to make room for the roses etc. I get your point about bending down. If I bend down too far I lose my balance and cannot stand up again. Luckily my therapy lady gave me a tip as I had some daffodils I wanted to plant in the garden when they had finished flowering in the pot. She said take a chair and sit on it in front of the flower bed, which worked. I planted it all from the chair. Admittedly I had to bend, but not so much.


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