9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 17.06.2018 Jasmine

  1. I had a night blooming jasmine shrub….the most beautiful fragrance. I did not realize it was not cold hardy, so the first frost we had killed it. I was crushed. This photo is so pretty.

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    • That is one of the most intoxicating fragrances of the Los Angeles region. It is particularly powerful around the overgrown landscapes just north of downtown Beverly Hills, where it grows like a weed. Mine also froze even here. It is available in nurseries, here but is very sensitive to frost. I will grow it again, just because I enjoy it that much. It grows from cuttings easily, so I should probably get some cuttings each autumn Night blooming jasmine is in the Solanaceae family, so is not really a jasmine.

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      • Thanks, Tony. It was a sad lesson for me to learn because you are correct–the fragrance is most intoxicating. I might try to grow it in a pot instead of the ground and see if it will winter over here in sunny (sometimes frozen) Florida.

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  2. That is a new one for me. We have a very similar one here, known as pink jasmine, but the buds are pink. It is quite weedy, but so worth it. I happen to have a shrubby species with yellow flowers, but it is not nearly as prolific or fragrant.

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      • I need to research that one now! It is like a pink jasmine in WHITE! I like the pink jasmine enough already. Would I like it even more in white? hmmm. They yellow is pretty worthless, but I can not give it up because I obtained it from a historic home in Monterey, so it is important.

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