RDP#16: Target

Blue Tit aiming for food

Now this blue tit has a target before its eyes. Hanging from a branch is dinner, a net packed with all sorts of goodies and the bird is thinking about it, but not very long. The canteen is open and it is time to feed.

My target is often shopping for food, because no-one hangs it on a tree for me, or puts it in the cupboard. I have to fetch it myself. Having targets in life are a way to solve problems.

When I broke my leg in January everything fell apart for me. My daily routine no longer existed and my life at home was turned upside down. This all being coupled with having MS. Of course Mr. Swiss helped. From the beginning at home I cooked the food. He fetched it from the supermarket according to the list and I cooked it. That was the first target achieved. Although I must say I really had to pull myself together with a leg that did not function accompanied by a walker to give me support, but no-one went hungry.

The next on the list was the daily cleaning plan. I know it is not the most important thing to do, but it was for me. It was part of my life, and I enjoyed that part of my life. Things were where they should be and there were no odds and ends or bits and pieces laying in the corners on the floor. I have a stone floor and like to wipe it over in the morning: just with hot water, but it stays clean. I had to forget the living room, it was too big and too much. The kitchen had to have a clean up daily. I mean who has a kitchen that stays clean all day? No-one. My eldest son took over the ironing with a little help from Mr. Swiss and they also took care of the washing machine.

In the meanwhile I was making my target plan. Cleaning with a walker in the hand that I used to carry the mop and vacuum cleaner was very complicated, so my first aim was to ban the walker. The next step would be to do it all with my stick and eventually with just my own two legs.

The accident happened in January and 6 months later I can do it. It is a slow process, but I set my targets weekly and it worked. I am still not able to clean the bathroom or shower as I used to, but now have a wonderful cleaning lady who does it for me once a week as well as the kitchen every two weeks. Today I can do it all again under my own steam. I learned that you need patience above all, Rome was not built in a day. At the beginning you have a feeling that life will never be the same again. I had pain at night in my broken leg, and sleepless nights. Today I really do not know what the problems were because Mrs. Angloswiss is back again.

I was getting advice about not doing these things, it is really not necessary every day. I was overdoing it with the cleaning. That might be, but one thing people forgot was that it did not bother me. I still had time to sit at the computer and write, I still had time to go out in the afternoon in my wheelchair. And the best was the first day when I accompanied Mr. Swiss on the shopping trip, because from that day on I did it every time. The big achievement was last week when he could not go shopping on Monday so I took the car on my own, drove to the supermarket, did the shopping  and came home: mission accomplished.

And I have now banned my walker to another room. I spent every night with it next to the bed in case I had to get up. Now I get up and my stick is enough to get me to the bathroom. My target theory worked, I can do it again.

RDP#16: Target

21 thoughts on “RDP#16: Target

  1. You have pulled yourself together remarkably fast. I’m impressed. We just bought a thing for our car that will give us a camera so I can (finally) back up without hitting things. I’ve ALWAYS been bad at backing up. Long before I got old, I could never figure out which way to turn the steering wheel while going backward. Now, finally, it will get fixed and maybe one problem will be solved. But I have to say — this has been a really stressful and difficult couple of weeks. Between the upcoming surgery and all this hacking. I don’t know if I will ever really feel safe online again. Or safe anywhere with a madman heading our government with one pudgy little finger on the nuclear codes.

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    • I was determined to get back in shape agai. Everything around me was crumbling and I was crumbling with it. I took risks, I did things that perhaps I should not have done, but it worked and now I am really back in action. I only had one little accident, but sitting on the floor and not being able to stand is part of my life. Anyhow the hospital always send the big good looking guys to help me up again to my feet, what could be better. Our car had the beeping thing already when we get to near to a car or drive backwards. It is really a good idea, although some seem to think they do not need it, not to mention names. We heard it, Trump wants to be like Kim Jong Un where the people listen and follow what their leader says. What a nutcase he is.

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  3. The target idea is a good one. I’ve done the same as I’ve gone through recovery from the hip replacement.

    Sometimes I’ve found I’ve reached a goal without knowing it. It happened last night. For the past six weeks I’ve had to sleep on my back with my legs in a fixed position — immobilized. I got used to it and accepted the necessity. Of course, I had good drugs. Lately, getting to sleep has been difficult. Last night I just got fed up. I “googled” “When can I sleep on my side after hip replacement?” The answer? “6 weeks”. I did the math, followed the instructions, no pain on the operated side, so I slept on my side. It was such a relief to be able to move in my sleep. I’d reached a target without knowing it. There are more targets — most important bringing home Dusty and Bear ❤ ❤ this coming Thursday.

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    • Sleeping on my back was also something I had problems with at the beginning, althugh no-one said I had to, but it was too uncomfortable otherwise, Slowly I tried turning to my side and eventually I could do it. The therapy lady gave me a good tip to put a cushihoy knee which really helped to relieve the pressure. Now I can sleep normally in all positions.
      I will be cheering with you when the hounds come home again.

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  4. It toke 6 months recover from my broken hip and leg. I am taking therapy for balance. I finally broke and down look for new pair of shoes. They have made a difference in my balance. It is first time I have feeling in legs and feetfor a long time. To say I handle another milestone by walking about three blocks and taking a few photos for my blog. Some how I loosing weight by last visit I had lost 4# and this morning it looks like I have lost more. I don’t need the lost. I thought I was eating better.

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    • I have balance problems because I now and again get dizzy spells because of my MS. It was difficult for me to know what was broken leg problems and what was MS, but I have now sorted it out. Walking at home I manage ok, because I can hold onto things and can even walk alone without support, but going out can be difficult. For longer “walks” I have my wheelchair and otherwise for shopping I have my stick or supermarket trolley. I wish you all the best for a good recovery

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  5. Will is an amazing thing – something we don’t appreciate until we are faced with hurdles. Good for you. Keep on plugging. I can so relate – have been saddled with a debilitating disease, and each chore becomes a mountain – but I am determined.


  6. Good for you for making a plan and sticking to it!

    On Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 10:09 AM, Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss wrote:

    > angloswiss posted: ” Now this blue tit has a target before its eyes. > Hanging from a branch is dinner, a net packed with all sorts of goodies and > the bird is thinking about it, but not very long. The canteen is open and > it is time to feed. My target is often shopping for fo” >

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