Good Morning


One of those perfect sunny mornings: not a cloud in the sky. Even Tabby was out to enjoy the event of the day. It is also slug free, since I have sprinkled slug corns everywhere and it has not been raining. It is strange, when the weather is dry you see no slugs. As soon as we get a downpour they are everywhere, as if they were waiting to make their entrance.

I also received another new video of my grandson this morning from my son. I do not see him very often as the family live in the eastern part of Switzerland on the german border, so thank goodness for the messenger. It is always a delight to see how quickly he is growing. He is now at the creeping and pulling-himself-up-to-stand stage, meaning it will not be long before he discovers the walking when he will probably become quite a handful.

Breakfast 16.06.2018

I have now eaten my breakfast and am ready to go. Yesterday my only excursion was to the shops in the morning. I was just too tired and exhausted to go anywhere, even only in a wheelchair, so I stayed at home.

I am still dealing with my permission to park on places for handicapped. My neurologist has now sent the signed form for permission, I have my photo for the police document. In the meanwhile we have the magnetic plate for the car with the picture of a wheelchair on it which we now have on the car and yesterday we parked on the allowed space at the supermarket which are nice and wide and next to the direct entrance to the store. We still have to hand in the documents at the police station for their final approval, but when they see me hobbling around with my stick when I leave the car, there is no discussion.

Feldbrunnen 14.06 (3)

I missed my afternooon wheelie yesterday, but here is a photo of our Jura mountains and part of the top half of our village from the day before. Our local cow population have really disappeared.

Cows 12.06 (3)

These were the last couple if saw a few days ago, knee deep in mud almost. They did have some nice dry grass to walk around in, but seem to prefer muddy pastures. I suppose the farmer has to shower their feet in the evening before they enter the barn to keep things clean. Perhaps they now stay in the barn in the hot weather. I will ask the farmer when I see him.

Saturday is a quiet day for me. I have no shopping and the few bits and pieces Mr. Swiss will fetch from the shops. This afternoon I must go out and see places again, but I am running out of places to go. I would love to make the effort to go into town with my wheelchair, so perhaps I might do it today, although I am always saying it and never do it. I cannot walk such long distances. At home I manage with my stick and even without when I am cleaning as I also feel safer.

And now to deal with my housewife duties, there are things to hoover and places to mop and I should also perform my morning ablutions in the shower. I have only got as far as the computer and breakfast up to now. I have to set my priorities. Have a good week-end start and take it easy.

Bush 14.06.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I remember when I got my handicapped pass. I hadn’t asked for it. My Osteo guy just filled out the forms and sent them. I said, “I’m doing okay.”

    He said, “Yes, but you WILL need this,” and a few months later, I did. I didn’t realize how badly the arthritis in my spine would affect my ability to walk. I had NO idea.

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    • I have now done everything for the pass and handed it in to the local police. They have to send it to another police station and I will get my permit. In the meanwhile I will be using the special parking lots. They are next to the supermarket entrance and I am glad. When we have finished shopping I am very exhausted and the last steps to the car are the most trying.


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