RDP#14: Julienne

Cooking (2)

Me, cut vegetable so fine and thin that it is not only a delight to the taste, but to the eyes. I cannot even thread a needle with my glasses on. Let’s forget it. Of course if a machine exists that would do it, then why not. The problem being that if you use a machine to cut your carrots, celery and leeks into thin fragile stalks, the machine will have to be organised and afterwards the separate parts washed. Imagine all those vegetable bits and pieces hanging in the slots having to be removed by the force of water or hand.

Then there is another problem. As you can see I have one of those wonderful potato peelers that removes the skin of the potato in paper thin strips. By the way did you know that the first potato peeler with horizontal moving blades was invented by a Swiss guy? There were others of course, but his is the one that Mrs. Angloswiss generally uses in her kitchen. They really do remove the skin of the potato in almost transparent pieces. Now and again my potatoes are tinged with red stains on the surface, due to the fact that the peeler is so good it often mistakes my finger for a potato, but nothing that a wash under the tap will remove. I just have to remove some stray pieces of finger nail that might get involved in the operation.

Otherwise what is the point in cutting your veg toothpick size. It might look good, but is it really worth performing a clinical operation on the veg to create a work of art. The taste remains the same and your body will not notice the difference when digesting.  I like my veg to look like veg and do not want to insult it by transforming it into a designer’s paradise.  Let my carrot be as it grows: slice them, chop them or even mash them but do not convert them into matchsticks.

Although I must admit that a Swiss Rösti must be cut in thin pieces, otherwise it would not be a rösti, but thick enough to enjoy the taste. I just could not resist showing everyone a Swiss Rösti produced by Mrs. Angloswiss. This is not julienne, this is Swiss farmers breakfast style.

Cooked Rösti

RDP#14: Julienne

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