Good Morning

Computer Transport

This morning I am ready to go, not anywhere special, but ready for the daily chores. It all began 10 minutes earlier than my usual rising time, because it was Thursday morning and Thursday is the day for changing the bed linen, inclusive fix sheets and duvet/cushion covers. Mr. Swiss and I split the work. I can sit comfortably on the bed and pull on the new covers and he does the rest with the sheets and cleaning under the beds. This means a later start to everything, but there is no-one waiting for a golden oldie.

The photo is my morning transport system when I shift my computer to the kitchen on my walker. I no longer use the walker for walking, but it can carry stuff for me. On the right are daily uploads of my Kindle and two iPads to make sure they are ready for use. My iPhone was charged some time in the early morning hours when I awake for that nightly visit to that place where most of us go in the middle of the night, at least the golden oldies do.

Eventually I arrived in the kitchen and found we had a visitor in the kitchen sink.

Spider of the day 14.06.2018

I do not know who was more surprised, her or me (must be a lady spider, they are usually bigger). After taking a few photos to commemorate the occasion I removed her with some kitchen paper and placed her outside where she disappeared into our garden cupboard to cool down and perhaps spin a net for her babies when they arrive – who knows.

The next excitement was when the postman rung and only once, I thought they always rang twice. It was a special three month supply of my injections for my MS injections which always arrive in enormous cool boxes in Summer. The postman said we can take our time unpacking them as he has to do his round in our estate and he will collect the empty boxes on his way back. So I have had my 3 surprises already today and now want to take it easy.

Back Garden 14.06.2018

The weather looks good, the sun is shining so what could be better. My garden is now looking OK and even my lawn has almost recovered from the builder’s attack last year. There are a few small bare patches, but our gardener said when is has some pieces of ready grown lawn he will patch it up for us. Note the plant next to mowy, my automatic garden mower. They were selling large pots of basil again in the supermarket and that is the only herb that is missing at the moment. Last year I bought such a pot and it was infected with the dreaded creeping dodder, so I am keeping a special eye on this one.

And I have a new lodger in the garden.

Flamingo Ornament

It was love at first sight when I saw him (and his many brothers and sisters) standing in the supermarket garden section. It is a new arrival and I just had to take him home with me. He is full heavy metal and was not cheap, but I would rather pay money for a homeless animal and know it was all in a good cause. He feels quite comfortable in the front garden and even Mr. Swiss likes him. I was going to save the photo for an oddball, but he is no odd ball, he is now a member of the family.

Although I have no shopping trip this morning I still have a few things to do, although Mr. Swiss and I have now recovered the beds, killed a spider and organised my 3 months supply of injections in the fridge in my washing room in the cellar. We even defrosted the freezer yesterday afternoon, but that is another story, see link Cold in the Freezer.

Remember, be kind to your insects, they will be thankful. Have a good day, enjoy it, see you on the flip side.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • She can return if she would rather be inside and I will transport her outside again. I will have to start painting coloured dots on the spiders to see if it is a new arrival or a revisit

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  1. Great that you rescued the spider – they are very useful creatures. I love your flamingo – I am sure he is very happy in his new environment and good company for the blue bird!

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  2. I am not surprised that it was love at first sight with the flamingo (what did Mr. Swiss have to say about that 🙂 ). Yes, unless an accident, saving creatures of any size is worth it; just like our lives. Take care!

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    • I saw the Flamingo a couple of days ago and told Mr. Swiss I must have it. He shook his head, another one of my strange ideas. When I placed it in the garden, he found it was quite good. I even get a bad conscious if I tread on an ant. The only creature I make an exception for is a fly. They are born to be killed.

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  3. Your mess of computers and wires looks like mine, though I think mine is worse because I have SO many chargers for camera batteries. Why can’t they make two items which use the same plugs or batteries? Someday I will need a separate home for all the chargers and batteries!

    I am too afraid of spiders to be nice to them. I’m okay with everything outside, but when they move it, that’s it for me. Fear wins.

    I like your Fred Flamingo.

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    • It’s a morning mess. As soon as they are sorted they disappear to their rightful places, I have a box with camera chargers, but as I now only use my Nikon it has got less complicated.
      I don’t mind spiders as long as they keep themselves to themselves. I just don’t like killing them, so I put them back to where they belong


      • Many years ago, while my colleague was landscaping the home next door to the Playboy Mansion in Holby Hills, he arrived at work to find the remains of a very large pink bird of some sort. By remains, I mean feathers and a few parts like long legs. It was rather disturbing, not only because there are such big birds roaming the neighborhood, but that there is something else out there that took out such a big bird!

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