RDP#13: Smorgasboard

Cold Meat Selection

Every evening, no, most evenings we eat cold cuts and cheese with bread and some salad veg like tomato and cucumber, and sometimes even garnished with radishes. Three times a week we shop for our evening food and I usually buy at the counter. Prepacked is OK, but I like to have fun when shopping.

This is the selection we have on average in our supermarket and we really do have an agony of choice: about 6 sorts of salami and three types of ham, as well as the Swiss specialities of dried alpine meat (although I would say an acquired taste).

Somthing is wrong somewhere. How comes Mrs. Swiss and Mrs. Germany, Mrs. England, Mrs. Italy and the rest of us Europeans can choose from so many different kinds of meat. When the day is done there are remainders which are put in the fridge for the next day. And when the week is done and there are still remainders. There must be a end solution somewhere is a great dumping ground for the food not eaten.

Your smorgasboards are brimming over with a 100 varieties of some sort of sandwich. When I was a kid mum would make a sandwich but no fancy trimmings and sauces. You had cheese and tomato, perhaps a ham sandwich, and of course the good old spam sandwich which was some sort of meat, basically pork mixed with other undefinable ingredients. It usually came in tins and was a question of survival food in the last world war.

We all know about hunger in the world and I am not going to make big statements about it all because nothing really happens. I am sure my supermarket will still have more varieties of meat that I can count on one hand for the next many years, until perhaps one day even our food system will no longer function, but that always happens to the others doesn’t it.

RDP#13: Smorgasboard

9 thoughts on “RDP#13: Smorgasboard

  1. I’m going to have to try that style of serving. I am very tired of “cooking” every night. Although we have different meats available, we certainly have more than enough of them. And I really AM tired of cooking.

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    • I always cook for lunch. Cooking in the morning is less stress for me than cooking in the afternoon. I prefer to reserve my afternoons for “me” time. An excursion somewhere with the wheelchair, working on photos and writing. Morning is my physical active time. Our cold food in the evening is fine with me, especially as Mr. Swiss usually does it all. This evening I even have a melon to go with the palma type ham.


  2. If you are retired there is no real reason why the main meal of the day can’t be at lunchtime and in summer cold meat and salad is fine for evening. Some say having the heaviest meal of the day in the evening is not good f or the digestion anyway.

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    • I always cooked lunch, even when I was working. I would plan the meals with the cooking time and my son and I would eat a cooked meal at lunch time, no sandwiches or cold stuff. In the evening I would have enough to heat up for Mr. Swiss when he came home from work and we would eat cold. It was the perfect solution and I did not have to spend half the evening cooking. I had enough to do with a full time job on my hands.

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