Good Morning

Evening Sky 11.06.2018

This was my last look at the evening sky yesterday evening when the light still permitted a photo. We had a very rainy day but sometime in the afternoon the sun arrived and stayed until the late evening, when the storms moved in again. During the night it was torrential rain and thunder. I supposed the summer weather would not be complete without some variety.

Needless to say I stayed at home, although the morning was an event not to be forgotten. I went shopping, on my own, with the car. Mr. Swiss had to go somewhere, so we decided it would be my duty. This was the first shopping trip I had done alone with the car for more than a year. Was I excited? Thinking about it did cause a little unrest, but as soon as I was sitting behind the steering wheel I was ready to go. I could even turn the key with one hand which means the numb feeling in my right hand is improving. And so I was ready to go, but wait, there is a little red picture  showing the left side of the seat. Silly me, I forgot to fasten my safety belt, after all who needs one.

Garage Door 23.04.2018

I approached the exit to the garage, fumbled around for the remote door opener and I was out, not before looking if there was any approaching traffic right or left. You never know, the eyes of the neighbours might have been watching my escape. The roads were almost empty, did Mr. Swiss warn them I that I was coming?

Road to Langendorf 16.10 (4)

I arrived safely at the supermarket and even ventured to the upper floor parking which is closer to the supermarket entrance. At the second attempt I parked perfectly, although I made sure that I could take the middle empty parking space between two other empty spaces, that is always a good solution. Of course all the sales assistants that knew me asked what I had done with Mr. Swiss. I assured them he was still alive but let me out on my own. Actually it was fun shopping alone, I could compose my meals without having to ask and this time I took my photos of the latest plant sensations outside before doing my shopping. Otherwise I have to steal some time when the shopping is finished.


After the rains had stopped for a while during the afternoon I had a look at my hostas. They are now even flowering and the leaves are developing. Even our gardener always remarks that he has never seen such large hosta leaves. Of course, I feed them now and again on blood (of course not, but the gardener did give me a strange look).

These are my green hostas, on the other side of the garden I have the yellow and green type, but they are not doing as well as these.


I then saw this sitting on a leaf, almost hidden. I realised this was the culprit, the one biting chunks out of the leaves. A common garden slug. There are probably many of them munching away in the undergrowth, they love the rain. It is now clear where the holes in the leaves are originating. I decided to let this slug make the most of his last supper before I throw anti slug corns everywhere. Last year I did not see one slug, but this year they are back with reinforcements.

I am a little later today but it is cleaning lady day when she looks after my bathroom and shower. This week she will return in the afternoon for an hour for the kitchen, that is on a two weekly schedule. She does the job perfectly and I am satisfied with her work.

Time to move on, see you around and enjoy the day, it can only get better.

Rain in front garden

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  1. I’m so pleased for you that you enjoyed shopping on your own. We have a forecast for another storm on Thursday, so more rain to fill our dams and even more rain next week too 🙂

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