Good Morning

Aare 10.06 (2)

Yesterday I did a round trip in my wheelchair in the afternoon. The weather was right, now and again quite hot in the sun. At the end of my trip I wheeled along the bank of the Rive Aare. This is my first summer with wheelchair freedom, I think I am more out and about now than I ever was. I now noticed how much our river is used. There were groups of people along the banks that had found a nice spot on the grass, set up a fire to grill some sausages and generally have a picnic. Many had a radio and there were various music mixtures to be heard. The younger generation seem to have a taste for loud and bass and drum or whatever. Everyone that has a dog takes it with them and bathing in the river was for cooling down, the dogs especially.

Swan 10.06 (1)

The swans I saw paddled on wondering what all these humans were doing in their river.

On my way I also stopped at the local animal farm, which began as a stable, although there were no horses to be seen. They were all sheltering from the heat of the sun in their separate rooms.
Black swan 10.06 (5)

At last I managed a good clear shot of our blackswan lady with her babies, although the cygnets were all cuddled together on the ground. I noticed their feathers were no gradually changing colour and getting darker. Mum ccertainly likes to keep an eye on her babies. They have an ideal situation: protected with their own pond and lots of duck friends to have a chat to.

On my way I arrived at the stork nest. It was not actually intended, but when I was there I took a few photos.

Storks 10.06 (4)

On my first visit I saw one baby in the nest, and later two, but now there seem to be three stork chicks. It is wonderful to see them grow. the tower is in the ground of the local school and the nest is quite high. I am glad I can now take my zoom lens with me on my wheelchair safaris.

As I journeyed on there was an elderly gentleman on the other side of the road. He had a walker. When he saw me in my electric wheelchair he said “that’s the way to do it, in style”. I had to laugh at the comment and we got into a conversation. He had an operation on the hip and we talked about the things that happen when we get older, although he must have been at least 10 years older than myself. We wished each other a good day and I wheeled on home.

This week will not be such a good week for outings as we have predictions of storms and rain for the next days, although today is OK so far. Mr. Swiss has to go somewhere this morning and it looks like today will be my first day for many months (more than a year) that I will take the car and go shopping on my own. After our various accidents, illnesses and movement problems, I should really now get down to being as independent as possible. I can now do everything before my accident, although looking back I am no longer as movable as I was, but I manage OK. If I can do this car thing, I am back in action. I can now hobble around in the store with just my cane.

I must go, there are things to be done with vacuum cleaners and mops. Enjoy the beginning to the week, you never know how good it will be until it is finished. I wish you all the best and leave you with flowers from yesterday’s wheelie seen in the garden of a block of flats, actually where I used to live.

Flower Bush

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That looks like one of the modern cultivars of spirea that I am not familiar with. We have something similar at work, but I do not know what it is either. It was so much simpler before all these weird cultivars came along.

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  2. Saturday, we went to the park. There was a heron in the river and he was standing really still. Of course, I didn’t have the right lens — Garry was using that camera, so I decided to sneak up on him. By going down the lawn and walking along the edge of the river.

    It was muddy and when I tried to go back up, my shoes stayed stuck in the mud and I collapsed on the ground. I just sat there. I figure eventually, Garry would wander over and wonder what happened to me. I can’t call him because (a) he can’t hear me and (b) it would scare away the heron.

    You really DO get out a lot more than I do!

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    • I have never seen a heron on our river and if I saw one I would probably think it is a stork. I only get out because of my wheelchair. I could not do it otherwise, I have problems with walking and feel only safe at home. I hope Gary eventually found you. That is my nightmare to fall, because I cannot get up without help. My therapist has now explained how to do it, so at least I have an idea, but I would need something like a chair or a log outside to help me.


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