Good Morning


It is a good morning when you can begin the day with something to eat, a cup of tea and of course a computer. Since the last up date on my microsoft computer they rewarded me with various wonderful photos of landmarks around the world before I enter the internet world. Note my plant on the table, a kalenchoe complete with over pot. It was a larger example as the normal and quite reasonable in price. Imagine my amazement when I saw that they had been reduced in price last week. The were still looking good in the store and cost only a quarter of the original price. I decided to take advantage of the special offer and now have two. I put the the new one in the living room together with the others.


I just love these kalanchoe. They are reasonable in price and flower for a long while. Afterwards you can throw them or keep them as I do. The plant on the right has no flowers, but I have had it for at least a year and it is still growing. Now and again it makes a couple of flowers. Just water them once every 1-2 weeks with a little bit of fertiliser and forget them.

Yesterday I went nowhere and stayed at home. The weather was great, but I just felt too tired. With three different prompt sites now in WordPress, I have enough choice, although I do not manage more than one a day and neither does my cat Tabby, who does her own daily prompt, from a cat’s eye view of course.

Evening Clouds

In these summer days we now have the wonderful sunsets in the evening. We thought there might be another storm brewing and there were some dark clouds in between, but the rains stayed away, although it did get quite cool in the evening. I had one of those TV evenings for a change. I was reading but noticed my eyes slowly closing and awoke half an hour later, deciding it was time to retire. I am hoping for more action today.

My next task is to cook a Sunday roast pork. Mr. Swiss mentioned I have not done a roast for some time, and I like to cook it slow in the oven. It is now 9.00 a.m. so it should  be ready for midday lunch, I hope. It is going to be a day of 30° temperatures so summer is here.

Calla, Canna and Roses

And now my calla is flowering, I have had the plant for at least 10 years and it never disappoints when I return it to the garden after the winter in the cellar. My climbing roses are also back again. I had to do some precarious organising yesterday with a support as they were hanging towards the floor and their blossoms got lost somewhere in the background.

Enjoy your Sunday, take it easy and be kind to your computers, you may need them.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have grown the same white callas since I was a kid. They came with my rhubarb from my great grandfather’s garden. They grow like weeds, and are considered to be weeds in some spots. However, the colored callas like yours take significantly more attention. If watered as often as my big white callas, they can easily rot.

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      • They should be happier here, but I think that the warm winters is what causes them to rot so easily. Cooler weather causes a better dormancy so that they can go dry on the outside. Cooler weather also inhibits the activity of the fungal pathogens that cause rot.

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          • Well, that is what they like. Mine are out in the garden, so stay out in the rain. The smaller bulbs of the colored specie do not like to stay too damp while dormant, especially while the weather is not cold enough to slow down the rot fungi much.

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  2. Your flowers always look so lovely, obviously very well cared for. I can’t believe you have such high temperatures where you are, I thought Switzerland was a land of snow, chalets and cuckoo clocks…..

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  3. Your flowers look beautiful. Just wondering why are you fertilizing a kalanchoe? I don’t think they need it. Maybe if you don’t fertilize, it might flower. It’s a succulent — a cactus without thorns. They like dry, sandy soil.

    I’m going to be out very early in the morning. We have to get our car repaired and they want us there a lot earlier than I want to be there. Ugh. I might pass on the morning prompts. I think I need a day off.

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    • You might be right about the kalanchoe. I very rarely give them water. I have a great camera in my iPhone X and have read up on some tips and tricks. To take the photo by pressing the sound button on the side, you can hold it much firmer in the hand and the quality of the photo is better. It really is a super camera.
      I also have those unwanted appointments early morning disturbing my routine, usually specialist doctors. This morning I might have to go shopping on my own with the car, which I haven’t done for more than a year


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