Good Morning

Cloudy Morning

We have clouds, but they are gradually making room for the sun and blue skies. I just hope today will not be such a catastrophy as yesterday. I hate days when I do not have the nice leisurely golden oldie time to do everything I want to. The gardener arrived yesterday morning and cut our hedges so they now look perfect, He then tended to weeding the garden. In my more active days I would do a bit now and again myself,  but that has become an impossibility and the two men were kept busy with my weeds until the early afternoon. I saw a few slugs sitting on my plants and the guys told me they were everywhere at the moment due to the rain we have had. I must remember to buy some snail pellets this morning, although Mr. Swiss found they also have a right to live. I think so as well, but not at the expense of my plants. I bought a parsley a week ago and now have only stalks, the rest became slug food.

Gala apples

In the meanwhile I noticed something strange on my gala apple tree, which I planted from a pip in a pot many years ago. Transferred it to the garden when it got too big to handle and this year it looks like a record harvest. I noticed some strange bare stalks on the branches and hope that the dreaded dodder was not spreading. The gardener said they were leaf stalks remaining after something was chewing my leaves. I do not know what this something was. It must be something that climbs or flies to get so high. In any case my apples are progressing and growing bigger day by day.

I tried to snatch a few moments sleep after lunch, although the gardeners were still busy and then the doorbell rang and only once. The locksmith arrived to put a new cylinder in the door. It is now law in our Kanton that all doors must have these special locks where you no longer need a key to exit. You just turn a nob.


This is OK, but we all have to have new keys as the old ones are worn down too much at the end to fit. Some keys fit and some do not. Mine and Mr. Swiss key is now too short. My son’s key is OK and the spare key that the neighbour has is also OK. No. 2 son also has a key so we will have to wait until the next visit to see if the key still fits. The locksmith had been here before and reminded us that he had given us all a month to order new keys, even longer and it is our fault if our keys do not fit etc. etc. He was a very impolite and it was clear to me that he has to constantly prove to everyone how intelligent he is because we are all idiots. As we are owners of our apartment our keys have to be especially made, you cannot buy one in the shop. Mr. Swiss has now ordered five new keys at a cost of approximately 350 Swiss francs. They take five working days to deliver and in the meanwhile we will have to get by.

These catastrophes are never ending it seems. Yesterday I had no chance of escaping into freedom anywhere and so I remained at home on the porch with my computer.

Today is week-end shopping day and the list is composed. I am now off to begin the day with some cleaning, organising and other housewife hobbies. I hope to see you around if nothing intervenes. I have had enough surprises lately. Keep well and enjoy the day.

And my spiraea is now flowering in the garden.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. So you have deer in your area? That might be what is eating your plants? Are they out in the yard where deer could get to them or are they up on a balcony where it has to be a bird or insects eating them? We have terrific problems with deer on US east coast in certain suburban areas due to rapid expansion of the deer population. Just a thought.

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  2. is that just the case for flats, and only in Solothurn? Never heard anything like that…. And you can also just as easily lock yourself out! That was my first thought.

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    • It is probably something Kantonal or perhaps local and I have no idea of the details. I can see the sense of having it done. Basically they only had to exchange the cylinder in the door so no problem. The problem is that the keys are so much used that the profile is now round at the bottom and they no longer fit properly.


  3. I thought everyone in Switzerland was polite. That’s a lot of money for keys. it’s like the keys to our car. They have a computer chip in them, so it’s like a hundred (or more) dollars for a single key. We REALLY guard the key. Everything is too electronic these days. Owen had to turn off the electricity today for about half an hour to change the light in my closet and i still haven’t finished resetting all the stuff that beeped and stopped functioning, including the router and the TV and every other kind of wifi.

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  4. Whatever ate those apple leaves was efficient about it. I do not know what insects live there, but I would guess that it is a lepidopteran (moth or butterfly) caterpillar. It probably will not cause too much damage. Once it or they get their fill, they pupate.

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