Good Morning

Clouds 04.06.2018

Not quite as dull as yesterday when I went for a wheelie in my chair in the afternoon, but it is still recovering from the rain and storm of yesterday evening. Nothing dramatic and basically we do not mind. At least we do not have to spray the garden with our valuable water. On the photo you see the Jura mountain chain behind our village to the North. The double bump in the middle is the so-called Hasenmatt, the highest point in our Kanton of Solothurn. As a young lady I did get there. You take the cable car to the Weissenstein, our “house mountain” and walk along the top. Eventually there is a steep rise and you arrive on the Hasenmatt. Of course a great view towards the Bernese Overland, if the atmospherics permit.

This morning I am later as it is cleaning lady day so I have a different routine. I like to make order before she arrives and postpone my daily scribbles to later.

Feldbrunnen 04.06 (6)

The weather was really a bit uncertain yesterday afternoon and so I postponed my journey along the river Aare to the normal cemetery–castle-farm trip as it is not so far and easy to navigate by wheelchair. As I left our village I took this photo of the the town of Solothurn which can be seen from our village along the main road. It is not as near as it seems, as I was using a more close up lens, although not the zoom.

I am becoming quite an expert on the various road crossing conditions and surfaces for wheelchairs. I never really thought of it, but now that it has become part of my life I find myself noting the steep road crossing and lumps and bumps in the road surface. Our local authorities do take heed of making the crossings easier to navigate. They rebuilt our main road two years ago with new kerbs but it is one of the worst to cross, a real bump on every level. I was talking to another lady in our village with wheelchair and she agreed.

Chickens 04.06 (3)

I again visited my friends the chickens. They are really interesting creatures and seem to spend all day pecking around amongst the grass and stones in the ground and clucking now and again. They have one rooster and I have never seen him pecking around at anything. His job seems to be to keep an eye on his many wives and crow now and again to make sure they are paying attention. Being a London girl, this is still all so new to me.

Ducks 04.06 (2)

The ducklings are growing so fast, that is becoming more difficult to define what is duck and baby. They no longer sit in family groups but wander around. I think this is a mummy or daddy duck, but am really not sure.


In the morning another trip was called for to the local supermarket mall. Outside in the summer they have some garden furniture and garden plants. The “young” man pushing the trolley on the right is Mr. Swiss making his way to the parking fee machine. I am a little slower as my walker does not yet have a motor and I am still a little unsteady with just a stick. The whole supermarket complex was a factory that built machines to make watches, the Lanco, but that must be now about 40 years ago. It is probably only the golden oldies that remember it like myself and Mr. Swiss.

At the moment both Mr. Swiss and I have a problem with our emails on our mobile phones. Although we are receiving them we cannot send them. Something to do with the address of the outgoing server. I only noticed it on my phone, because Mr Swiss now has a new one and is organising it. His outgoing mails were not working, and now I noticed that mine are also not working. The thing is I very rarely send e-mails, and never by phone. I use my iPad usually, or computer.

And now to move on, I have a few things I want to deal with that I keep postponing. Yes, the life of a golden oldie is full of stress when everything goes at a slower pace and you tend to forget. Have fun, see you around and don’t forget if you are bored, just play with your computer. They will be thankful. I say goodbye with some wild flowers growing between the railway tracks and our estate.

Wild Flowers 04.06.2018

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We have a hot sunny day here, about 20C, I think but it is chilly in the mornings, 4C which is Arctic for us! Our next rain is expected over the weekend which will be very welcome but for now, we enjoy the sunny, windless days that we get in winter.

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  2. Good morning to you, Pat. Are those thistles in the last photo? They were considered a weed when I was growing up in New Jersey but I have not seen them in many years. So pretty.

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  3. I’m having very slow email service right now. Everything GETS here — eventually. But sometimes it gets here a day late.

    Also having trouble inserting pictures into WordPress. I think it may be the new GDPR (is that right? I never remember the order of letters in these things) may have something to do with it. Lots of new rules going around.

    Our weather has been like yours. Not as cold today. Yesterday was both very rainy and sweater weather. Today, it’s just very grey and rather drizzly. Dentist this evening. Not a thrilling day coming up.


    • My e-mails are OK, they come in but do not go out. It is probably just a question of a correct outgoing server address.
      I have all my pictures in Flickr and they have their own html address which I insert in the html part of my draft and they always work perfectly. I just adjust the address to stop them going back to Flickr.
      I took a wheelie along the river this afternoon, wonderful weather, but I am slowly getting a sort of wheelchair suntan on my arms, back of the neck and legs.


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